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Article: Don't be rejected

Don't be rejected

Fun! Today's topic is the last object, i.e. the Saimaa deer. Among our friends, we couldn't find any Saimaa Norpa, or even a single friend whose friend was a Saimaa Norpa. We wondered how to deal with this now and where to get reliable information about the Saimaa Norse. Then we figured out that who could tell about the Saimaa Norse better than the Saimaa Norse herself! That's why we decided to let a Saimaa norpa out who didn't want to go public. So let's call him Herra Saimaanorpa. So, without further ado, let's hear Mr. Saimaanorppa, please! "Good day. I'm a 12-year-old Saimaa Norpa, Mr. Saimaan Norpa. I live in the wonderful lake system of Saimaa and it's good for a Norse to be here! Things haven't always been so good, but we'll talk about that a little later. So now life is smiling and I enjoy every day together with my wife and with my two boys, i.e. six. The boys are quite naughty and sometimes such a 140-centimetre and 80-kilogram old man seems to be in a hurry to keep up. The boys have already learned to hunt and caught the first perch and roach themselves. They also had time to enjoy the last rays of the autumn sun in our with a favorite rock, even the boys can calm down while playing on it. Next, I could tell you a little about our family. There are currently 360 of us Saimaan Norpers, which sounds really small, but it's the biggest number in a long time! At the beginning of the 1980s, there were only a little over 100 of us, so we have come a long way! For this, a really big thank you goes to you people, as you have started your research and conservation work. So we all live in Saimaa in Finland and we are the world's endangered seal. We are grateful that you have reduced fishing in our area and improved our nesting opportunities with auxiliary finches, they are wonderful! The worst enemy for us is net fishing. We really hope that you will give up all the fish traps that are dangerous for us and replace them with traps equipped with throat restrictors. Angling, casting or trolling is also not a problem for us. Now that winter is approaching, I could also mention the nest gland. It would be great if you could give us more space from December to April. Especially the snowmobiles scare us a lot and in the worst case we might get so scared that we run away and the chicks might get cold. We really don't want that to happen. I guess you need a little privacy sometimes too, if you know what I mean. At the same time, I could reveal that we too may have a family addition at the beginning of the year... ;) I heard that RIVA Clothing has made a Saimaannorppa themed shirt and they donate 3 euros from every shirt sold to our conservation. Absolutely awesome! And that "Don't be a seal" text is great, hehheh! A big thank you to all of you who have already supported us! I've heard rumors that the donation amount is already almost in four figures. Pretty awesome! Our stock has already grown considerably, but we want to grow even more and secure the continuation of our family. I also heard that my favorite actor Tero Tiitta has a "Don't be a seal" shirt! Oh my, our boys were excited when they heard about it, Salkkarit is our favorite show!" I said, Mr. Saimaanorppa

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