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Article: News from August 2022

Vaatteiden suunnittelu.

News from August 2022

In August, we have focused on designing new products, mapping materials and going through your product wishes. Our team has also grown by one factor.

When designing new products, the most important thing for us is that there is a demand for them. That's why we've been asking for your opinions and product wishes all year long. In spring and summer, we made a compilation, based on which the most desired products were new tops and bottoms that would be easy to combine with everyday wear.

We refined the survey carried out on Instagram a little further: in August, we carried out a customer survey, to which we received more than 1200 answers from you - a big thank you to everyone who answered! Here are the withdrawals from the customer survey, which also determines our future:


The most popular color scheme among our customers was white-black-gray-beige (51%). The second most popular were dark, broken tones (42%) and earthy tones (39%). There will be plenty of dark, broken shades this coming autumn! Slightly lighter, earthy shades will probably be seen next year.

Otherwise, the survey contained details about different products, such as how high the waistline or what kind of necklines the customers like. We hoped that, at least for some features, one option would clearly rise above the others.

More than half of you (62%) liked high-waisted pants the most. In dresses, the hem can reach at least the knee (44%), or even longer (15%). Thinking about the future possible sportswear collection, we also got a lot of information about your favorite sports.

A huge thank you to everyone who answered the survey!


In August, we started a new employee who will work with the online store's customer service. He will also be seen on the social media side. Welcome to the group Viivi! <3

As the team gradually expands, RIVA will have more time to invest in product development and a wider presence in communication. In the future, we will try to put together a monthly review like this so that you can get a behind-the-scenes look. Few clothing brands open up the company's entire operation, but we see it as part of a transparent and responsible operation.


At the end of September, new products start arriving. In autumn, we spoil lovers of dark and muted tones: dark red, green and caramel brown are available in our Klassikko products.

Before Christmas, inquiries about various nature-themed products accelerate. That's why we made several nature-themed collections this year, which will be published in October-November. I hope every nature lover will find a pattern they like!

The release of new models is also planned for the end of the year. A long-sleeved polo shirt and a practical top are the cornerstones of many wardrobes. We can't estimate the release date of these yet, but you can stay up-to-date with either social media or the newsletter. <3

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