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Article: What about when things go wrong?

What about when things go wrong?

So. Many people may have the image that our summer is spent listening to Despacito with a mojito in hand and occasionally snapping "funny" pictures on social media. And on that side, of course, every day he pedals to take an outrageously large pile of packages to the post office. That's what I dreamed of myself at the beginning of the summer, when I didn't have to go to the so-called to real jobs. However, I can tell you a secret that is not terribly talked about in the big, and oh so wonderfully positive business world: we are not doing particularly well at the moment! [caption id="attachment_3380" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] "My mood is as dark as the Dark Lord himself"[/caption] It felt good to say it out loud. Or write on the computer screen. But now that you've started, I guess you can continue right away. At the moment, our summer is anything but Despacito and mojitos. Rather, Jenni Vartiai and black coffee. And just to clarify, I don't much care for Jenni or coffee without milk. But yes. Things started to go wild when we decided to make about 1000 shirts for our summer collection. Yes, a thousand. It was quickly realized that now it was time to show off as badly as an 11-year-old with his Megaforce heritage. After all, you're supposed to cry, and somehow you should be able to repair the damage. Of course, so that mom wouldn't notice anything. It would be a saying. We really tried a slightly different style for shirts for the summer and, intoxicated by the spring sales, we went to buy a lot of them. Now the situation is that our triangle's office is filled from floor to ceiling with funny-looking t-shirts. That sight always makes you smile for a moment when you enter the room, until you realize that these should be sold during the summer. It's just a blunt fact and when you realize it, you always start to cringe a little. We should slowly start ordering the new fall collection, but the current situation causes small challenges. Hundreds of shirts comfortably tie up space and capital, which would be much more preferable to use for the autumn collection. But it is more likely that our autumn collection will come true than that Finland will make it to the prestigious futsal competitions in the next ten years. We may have now encountered our first Mount Midoriyama (if anyone doesn't know, it's the world's hardest obstacle course in the amazing Ninja Warrior program). However, a few people have been able to conquer Mount Midoriyama, so why not clear our own obstacle course. We didn't come here to give up! But I have to admit that the thought has been running through my mind at times, that what if you just stop this job. Would that everything would be easier, and you wouldn't have to worry all the time about making a result. However, when we founded the company, we decided that we would never do this just for the sake of money, even if we pay YELs, bills, bills, electricity, taxes, rent... And sometimes the interest when we forget to pay the Posti bill. And you won't find us twerking, even if you get a kick out of it. But then you always remember that everything has already been done and achieved. However, we have created a clothing brand from scratch that quite a few Finns already know and people have actually bought thousands of shirts from us. And for some people, we have already become some kind of phenomenon that he follows every day on Some and our actions evoke some kind of emotions. It's pretty humbling. [caption id="attachment_3381" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Yes, it makes us smile sometimes too, at least when eating![/caption] So we're not going anywhere, now let's put a bigger gear in the kick sled and go forward like grandma in the snow! You can't really do anything else in this arctic summer in Finland. But otherwise, we're doing just fine! Let's get together a bit this summer even on vacation. We've been relaxing at the cottage, barbecued in the backyard (every day), petted Seppo (every hour) and most importantly, of course, been with friends. And in two weeks we'll be sent to Berlin for a few days to eat currywurst and döner, oh well. But we will move forward with these and we will learn from them! I would also like to finish the joke, so that this would have a more relaxed feeling. Not when I don't tell you, the entrepreneur is starting to run out of jokes. XD Best regards, Riku

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