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Article: Check out our Pants Guide to discover various styles and find your perfect pair!

Housuopas  - tutustu housumalleihimme ja löydä täydelliset housut

Check out our Pants Guide to discover various styles and find your perfect pair!

Are you looking for comfortable pants that go effortlessly with a variety of outfits? Hunting for pants like these can seem like a treasure hunt, but don't worry, you've come to the right place!
Comfortable bottoms are the cornerstones of dressing and wardrobe, because who doesn't want to wear pants in which they look and feel good? For this reason, our pants are made of high-quality materials and designed to be comfortable to wear. In this pants guide, you will get to know our pants selection, where you can find high-waisted, wide-leg, comfortable and Relaxed pants. The guide will help you to find comfortable, stylish and versatile pants that suit your own style and lifestyle!

Wide pants

Wide pants get their name from their wide legs, but their other name could be everyday saviors. These pants combine wide legs and a high waist. The elastic waistband of the pants is thick, which makes the pants very comfortable to wear. Extra points for the large pockets, which can hold a larger phone, for example.
These wide leg pants are smooth, soft and made from 100% organic cotton. In addition, these pants are really easy to take care of, as their material does not wrinkle much during use.

Mukava pants

Mukava in the model of trousers, the leg is narrow. Mukava pants, there is plenty of room on the hips, but the waist is still tight. The pants loosen up with use over time, so don't panic if your waist feels tight during the first few weeks of use.
The waist has beautiful pleats and deep pockets in the side seams. The pants have ready-made belt loops, and a fabric belt in the same tone as the pants is included. However, by changing the belt, you can change the look of the pants nicely! Mukava pants are made of 98% organic cotton and 2% elastane, so the pants have a pleasant stretch.

College pants

College pants are guaranteed to fit a casual look! In our selection you will find two different sweatpants - you will surely fall in love with either of them! Noki slim sweatpants are loose on the hips and taper towards the ankles. The legs of Noki sweatpants have a 10 cm high elastic, which gives the sweatpants a sporty look. On the hips you will find deep pockets and a drawstring. The material of Noki sweatpants is long-fiber organic cotton, which is unbrushed on the inside.
Sweatpants, on the other hand, have a more relaxed fit than narrow sweatpants. College pants have unisex sizing and are wider at the calves. The waist and legs have elastic band tightening, in addition to which you can find strings on the inside of the pants with which you can tighten the waist.

Are the pants usually too long, short or just right for you?

The choice of trousers is undoubtedly also influenced by their length. One likes an ankle-length model, another a full-length model, and a third struggles with legs that are too long. In our selection, you can find pants in three different sizes: short, normal and long.

If too long or short legs have not been a problem for you when shopping for pants, but the length has always been very good in general, then normal-sized legs will suit you best. You can identify longer and shorter pants by the marking "long" or "short".

If you are a little shorter in height, you might find your new favorites in our shorter pants. These pants have the same design and fit as regular and longer pants, but the legs are slightly shorter. A shorter model is suitable for you if the inside measurement of your foot is less than 76 cm.

Long pants are an excellent choice if you want more length in your legs, but still maintain the fit intended in the pants. The longer model is suitable for you if the inside measurement of your foot is more than 90 cm.

We hope you found inspiration and useful tips here to find the perfect pair of trousers. Now that you know what's in our selection, all you have to do is choose your favorites!

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