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Article: Inspiration and tips for autumn dressing

Inspiraatiota ja vinkit syyspukeutumiseen

Inspiration and tips for autumn dressing

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Enjoy autumn dressing by shopping in your own wardrobe, extending the use time of summer clothes and creating wonderful autumn outfits for yourself!

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It's time to put the summer clothes aside and dig out the warmer autumn clothes from the storage. This is a good time to shop in your own wardrobe — there are already clothes you like! Shopping in your own wardrobe is a creative and fun way to put together different autumn outfits from existing clothes and get inspired by them again. You can find inspiration for autumn dressing on Pinterest or Instagram and boldly try to combine existing clothes with each other. It is worth trying to combine clothes that have been used less or even completely forgotten at the back of the wardrobe with your own borrowed clothes. This way you can find completely new ways to put together different outfits.
Clothes that have been stored may need a little care. Maybe the leather shoes haven't been cleaned since last winter, the pants seem baggy, the shirts have nasty wrinkles or the sweaters have lint. Clothing maintenance is something you should definitely get to know, because it increases the life of the garment and improves its appearance immediately! Shirts should be ironed and brushed with a clothes brush , shoes can be cleaned and cared for with a shoe brush , and sweaters should be aired and lint removed with a Kashmiri and wool comb . Even a little clothing maintenance has a big impact on the appearance of the clothes, making them comfortable to use again.

Sometimes the accessories can make the whole outfit! Adding different accessories can give a new look to your autumn wardrobe, such as jeans, sneakers and a sweater. Lovely warm accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves and thicker socks may need to be used early in the fall. Beautiful gloves and a soft scarf in particular bring much-needed warmth and also serve as nice details in the outfit.

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The changing weather conditions of autumn may bring sunshine in the afternoon, when the morning sun and wind blows, when sunglasses may be needed! Fall ankle socks can be replaced with a thicker, possibly even colorful pair of socks, which cut off the shank of the sneakers. A cap, beanie or any other headgear that fits your style can serve as a hat. Fall dressing has room for accessories!

Have you tried to make use of summer clothes in fall dressing and thus extend their use time? So you don't have to put your favorite skirt in the middle of all your summer clothes, but you can pair it with tights, a sweater or a long skirt. You can boldly wear a hoodie, college or sweater over dresses, and you can put a cardigan or blazer over a summer shirt. The materials of summer clothes are usually light and airy, while in warm autumn clothes they are thicker. The combination of different materials and textures makes the outfits interesting and suitable for autumn dressing.
Fall weather in all its beauty can be unpredictable. Sunshine, strong wind and rain can all occur in the same day, which is why layering is key. Dressing in layers offers both warmth and comfort, but at the same time allows you to easily adjust the amount of clothing as needed. The layers really make the outfit interesting and practical for varying weather conditions. Lovely autumn and joy in autumn dressing!

If you need more tips on finding your own style and building your dream wardrobe, read about building a functional wardrobe and color analysis !

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Great material choices for summer dressing

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