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Article: With Jenora Design on the set

With Jenora Design on the set

Hello! When we were planning the spring collection, several photographers contacted us. With one of us, the ideas about cooperation and schedules hit the button very hard, so we ended up making a shooting date for the same day when we would get the clothes from the press. In the end, we had to change the day and time several times due to our own delays, but Jenni was very flexible and the meeting was arranged. In the end, that day was very busy for us, because the construction of the pop-up, the preparation of the products for sale and the product descriptions for the online store had to fit into the same day. More on that today, now let's focus on the filming itself! As soon as we received the products of the new collection, we piled into the car with the clothes and models and headed for Lievestuore. We had arranged a date there with Jenni, that is, officially with Jenora Design. Jenora Design is a company from Lievestuore that specializes in photography and graphic design. We wanted to carry out the shoot focusing on the clothes themselves, and Jenni had a vision ready for us. The filming location was the vicinity of a gas station located between Lievestuoreen and Jyväskylä. As we drove to the yard, all kinds of things were running through our minds: how come the weather is so miserable now, how do the models manage to wear t-shirts and has Jenni photographed here before? When we met on location, it soon became clear that everything would work out: we talked through which shooting locations Jenni had thought of, we thought about which outfits would be best suited to which environment and we set out to realize the vision! We ourselves have no semblance of professional knowledge about photography. Really. Good to know how the aperture affects the image and what those RAWs really are! So it was quite a different feeling to just stand next to it (albeit in an important position, holding the reflector!) and watch while the cameraman gives instructions and taps different settings on the camera. The girls and boys did the work as told and we smiled next to them. If only it were always this easy!

The filming was over in just over half an hour, and at least none of the models admitted to freezing, even though it was a few degrees below zero. From the company's point of view, the photo session was made extremely easy: you only had to take care that the clothes looked good and that the models got the donuts and coffee of their choice after the photo shoot. If we had organized the shooting of the spring collection ourselves, the shooting session itself would probably have taken three hours and post-processing another hour. Now the whole set took us about an hour, including driving to the shooting location and back. The end result is much freer and well, you couldn't achieve such a professional result on a hobbyist base! So we can really recommend Jenni's services to other entrepreneurs! :---) So a big thank you to Jenni (check the website here ) and also to our models, who kept smiling even in the cold! Jenni does indeed offer photography services for companies, but also for individuals who need photography for special moments in life, such as graduation and wedding photography. If you've been looking for a photographer who is the easiest in the world to work with and who lives near Jyväskylä, then we recommend you get to know him!! Now let's continue running the pop-up and sending orders. The spring collection has apparently been popular, because we have been able to send several packages every day! It's great that you liked it, because hey, we're making this for you too. :---)<3 Cheers to everyone, the last squeezes before the little Easter break! I said, Eve

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