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Article: There are always two sides to a coin

There are always two sides to a coin

Today we wanted to tell you about the past autumn. After all, it's been at least twenty days! Those twenty days have been very eventful for us. I have experienced incredibly good things, but also bad things. The autumn collection was launched a week and a half ago on the weekend. Based on the comments on some, expectations were high - many had already found their favorite and said they would place an order right away on Saturday at 12 o'clock. We had positive, but at the same time realistic expectations for that day. There was already a joke in the air, "if there are more than x* number of orders this weekend, we'll buy a cool trip!". We don't want to say that x* amount, but let's say it was about double the amount compared to the average opening weekend. The opening of the online store went, well, as you could read on social media, very well. People received this collection very well, so well that even the packaging materials ran out already on Saturday evening... At this point, it was also possible to reveal that the previously defined "incredible goal" was exceeded by almost a third. In honor of that, we booked a trip to New York for January, so we have something to look forward to! Of course, mammon brings happiness, up to a certain point. The way people have received this new collection has brought us even more joy. Many have told us their own experiences, for example, of bullying and struggling with mental health. Both topics are close to our hearts, so it's wonderful to hear that it was possible to improve or cheer up someone's mood through work. In our opinion, these issues cannot be talked about too much, and there can never be too much visibility. For the first time in our entrepreneurial career, it feels like we have been able to do something really significant for this society too, so more than just paying taxes. So thank you to everyone who has talked to us about the topic and supported charitable causes. :) But, although there are many positives, that coin has also had its flip side. For the first time, we are making a collection that will affect other organizations as well. We thought that making a charity collection is very simple: we make a collection and donate part of the proceeds to the objects in question. Well, it wasn't quite that simple either... The practices of the organizations differed quite a lot, which seemed to cause gray hairs. Fortunately, with compromises, the collection was realized and it is safe to say that all parties were satisfied with the result. On the other side, there are more than self-independent difficulties. With increased visibility and so-called success, we have noticed that not everyone can be happy about this. During the initial stages of entrepreneurship, we received a lot of help and encouragement from, for example, other companies or people we knew through studies. However, this number of cheers has varied from some parties, depending on how it goes. As strange as it is, some guys find that success annoying. You can't be happy for others, you have to invent something pee-aska. Well, all you can do for these guys is to wish them luck in their lives. Fortunately, this is not the case with everyone, but we have been able to gather a few really top guys over the course of this year and a half. An example of these are the types of Tarrapaida , with which the creation of the entire clothing brand began more than a year ago. Even though the importer has changed, the cooperation still could not be stopped, because everything has just stopped working. Peer support has been an important part of this cooperation, sometimes it's really good to think about the pros and cons of entrepreneurship with some more experienced people. We used to order packing materials online until we realized that you can get them in Jyväskylä as well. Everything you need has always been found at the packaging wholesaler . Originally, we thought we'd run into each other at the JES ry event, and luckily we did - you don't have to wait for cardboard boxes for a couple of weeks anymore when the crisis hits! Our printing house KH-Print also received us well when we were thinking about switching there when the importer changed at Christmas last year. Even though Haajas has to stay up to speed constantly, even our smaller batches have been able to be printed. Yes! So yes, there is good and bad in everything. We have been wanting to write this text for some time. Today we sat down and both wrote their own version one after the other. Then it was concluded that you can't publish this and we went outside to ventilate with Sepi, as you can see from the illustration in the post. It has also been learned from entrepreneurship that you should always either count to ten first, go oxygen jumping or sleep all night thinking about big decisions or blatant comments. After a short pause for reflection, everything usually seems clearer and, for example, frustration disappears and is replaced by understanding. So there are always two sides to the coin. If we agree that all bad things are a crown and all nice things are a clave, then yes, our coin will turn to the clave side a lot more often. Fortunately. Although the idea of ​​ending entrepreneurship has been tossed around a bit here as we approach graduation from school, yes, recently the coin has started to turn more often to the side of the clave. If klava is therefore the side of RIVA's continuation. But you never know what will happen! But now that things are going well, even if a few bumps get in the way, let's enjoy this and do as much good as we can! -Eeva & Riku

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