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Article: Because we are no longer us

Because we are no longer us

Now it happened that one is out of the group. Where did this all start? Let's go back in time a few months. It all started at the turn of the year, when we had graduated as tradenomists and the scary future flashed before our eyes. Now you should stop playing and really be an adult. So you should really work. It was time to sit down and think about what we want to do with our lives. From there the thought started. The first thought that came to us was that RIVA's activities must definitely continue. However, in just under two years, something has been created that could not even be dreamed of a few years ago. Next, we had to think about what kind of approach and composition we would continue our activities with. It was Heimoneuvosta's turn.

Right from the start it was clear that Sepo should continue these jobs. However, Seppo is the one from this group who knows how to sell shirts and pose. We promised Sepo a salary increase the size of a few chicken sticks, and that was it. Then it was just the two of us. Which is the weakest link. After a few meetings and overtime, it became clear that the life of an entrepreneur is more suitable for Riku, who doesn't really know how to take pressure from anything and likes to live on the edge. Eeva wanted more stability from her job and regularity in her everyday life. And of course money. XD The life of an entrepreneur doesn't include any of the aforementioned delicacies, so the decision was clear up to that point. Riku would become a full-time entrepreneur who will continue to try. At this point, my favorite entrepreneur joke always comes to mind.

What's the best thing about trying?


Now that the lineup of RIVA Clothing was clear, there were a few more things to clear up. Where will RIVA Clothing continue to operate? Where does Eeva get a job? How much additional costs do chicken sticks cause? What happens now that there are no more students? What do customers say about this? What is being an entrepreneur really like? Fortunately, things worked out surprisingly quickly. We now have our own office on Puistokatu, so work is no longer in the way at home. This has been a really big relief for both of us. Eeva got a job at a digital office in Jyväskylä, where she now works part-time. This way, Eeva still has time to help with the company's work, and this way our mood remains very much the same as before. Fortunately, chickens don't cost too much when you buy them in bulk, so Sepo's salary increase is not a problem. Student life was forgotten very quickly and now there is an even more motivated attitude towards work. Customers haven't really been told about this change yet, but hopefully this change won't be the end of RIVA Clothing. And yes, being an entrepreneur is actually quite fun. At least sometimes. :D
But what is the everyday life of an entrepreneur like now? As they say in all workplaces, every day is different. But such Normipäivä is something like the following: 7:20 AM WAKE UP. Awakenings are really difficult, but don't you get used to them slowly? 7:40 am We're already on our way to drop Eeva off at work and Riku continues to the office at the same time. 8:00 Turn on the coffee maker and check the orders from the previous day. If there is nothing else urgent, the orders will be completed right away. Now, after the launch of the spring collection, the working days have gone by just making packages, but this kind of rally hardly continues every weekday. Or we really hope it continues! :D

10:00 When the packages have been completed, the next step is to check the e-mail and respond to the messages received there. Also, messages received on Some are reviewed several times during the day, because we want to always be reachable. 10:45 On the normal day, time will also be used for marketing planning and its implementation. It is a very inspiring and rewarding job. The work goes smoothly with the sun shining on the office located on the ground level (even a little below it) and the music playing. In recent days, J. Karjalainen, Pyhimys and YleX radio channel have been playing hard. 12:00 At this time, all the chores of a normal day have been done, but as mentioned earlier, no day is a normal day. For example, what quickly comes to mind from this week, the work tasks have been, for example, Skype conferencing, photography, hunting for zinc spray from the pharmacy, fixing bugs in the online store, contacting retailers, getting packing materials and even cleaning. 13:30 If it has been a normal day, then next we start to pick up Eve from the dunes and go home to do safka. Even if you don't bring work home anymore, there will still be chatter on social media and e-mails from that evening. And several times in the past few days, I have returned to the office and left there only at dusk..
After our own work days, Eeva and I often plan what could be done next with RIVA and how something should be handled. In other words, we still plan RIVA's mood together, but the implementation side is then more Riku's responsibility. So far, it has worked very well and we have been very satisfied with this change and the situation. I hope the mood has remained relaxed in your opinion as well and has gone in the right direction. :) So such changes have happened here on the other side of the screen! During this spring, we have at least received more positive messages and compliments, so maybe we have done the right things here. A really big thank you to everyone who gave feedback and it's great how well the spring collection was received! A really happy and sunny start to spring for everyone, yes it will still come from there! :)
Spring greetings, Signed by (Riku), Eeva and Seppo

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