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Article: From the Leivonmäki sports hall to large parquet floors

From the Leivonmäki sports hall to large parquet floors

Finally, in this episode, floorball player Joel Lahti will be speaking on our blog. Joel and I have known each other for a long time, and in fact Riku has also played floorball with Joel as a kid on the same team. Based on many years of friendship with Joel, we can say that you can't find a better guy! Joel Lahti, a truly exemplary young man and also called a dream son-in-law, will now be let out, please! Briefly introduce yourself My name is Joel Lahti and I am 22 years old. I have studied business administration at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences for 2 years now, and I still had at least one and a half to go. I'm probably quite relaxed, positive and lazy by nature. How did you end up playing floorball? If the very first Leivonmäki sähly clubs are included, I probably started sähly when I was about 5 years old. However, my first real floorball training was organized by Joutsan Flanelss when I was 9 years old. A team of people born in 1993 was founded in Flanels, and I was also able to join it. It was nice to play in that team and even though we were quite successful, I got hooked on floorball. I played in Flanelss for a total of 7 years before I moved to Jyväskylä Happee. In Happe, I first played in the A-youth for 4 years and now it's my second full season in the representative team. Where and at what level do you play, what have you achieved? I actually play men's floorball league in Happee. In my first season, the A-youths won the SM bronze, and in the representative team I was involved in winning the floorball league bronze in the 2015-2016 season. What are the goals in the future? There is only one goal and that is to win the floorball league championship in Happee. How much time does floorball take? It does take quite a lot of time, especially when you take into account that few people can support themselves by playing floorball. During the season, there are practices 4-5 nights a week and then there are games on top of that. When you combine this with studying or going to work, there is quite a bit of free time left. What is the hardest and best thing about floorball? The hardest part is probably figuring out all the quick situations and making the right decisions in them, especially if you have the ball. The best is definitely teammates, good team spirit, great performances and winning. Does floorball ever feel like work? Yes, it feels like it sometimes, but it's really nice like that. Especially the playoffs are sometimes physically tough, when there might be 7 games in two weeks, but mentally they are the best time, when you get to fight for the championship really seriously. Could it be a job for you in the future? Hopefully! At the moment, if you want to call floorball your job, you should probably play in either the Swiss or Swedish leagues. However, floorball has developed enormously over the last few years and even in Finland there are starting to be players who support themselves by playing floorball. So hopefully someday I'll become a floorball professional too. If you had to tell a friend why you should choose RIVA, then why RIVA? Definitely because of the softness, quality and good look of the clothes! A few quick ones What toppings for pizza? Bacon, paprika, onion and mozzarella. If you could choose any superpower, which one would you choose? Flying of course Which clothing items/accessories can you find most in the clothes closet? T-shirts or caps A secret vice? I don't really hide Coca-Cola, but I sometimes drink too much of it and it's at least a vice. Tell a joke. What is the difference between black and green olives? - Black is a dog BIG hand to Joel! Our presentations are now on an indefinite hiatus, but we will continue to do these! P.S. If you feel that you or your friend could also be just the right RIVA type, send us a message!

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