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Article: A flying stunner

A flying stunner

Next, the spotlight will be on a real super talent who, despite his young age, has already managed to achieve anything and everything! While talking with Artu, it occurred to us that what he himself had gathered to do at the age of 16. Well, maybe not more than that, jumping more than two meters in a high jump at the age of 14 is maybe a bit more interesting than playing through Crash Bandicoot or holding your breath for half a minute... So why don't you let this flying young gentleman out, please Arttu! Briefly introduce yourself Arttu Mattila, age 16, I will start Schildt high school in Voionmaa in the fall, my personality is relaxed and humorous, Instagram is @mattilarttu How did you get into high jumping? Dad used to pole vault and took me and my older brother to the field and I started high jumping with my older brother. What have you already achieved? 2017: M17 won the WC gold and the men's WC won the WC gold 2016: P15 WC gold, P15 outdoor track Finnish record 211cm and P15 indoor track Finnish record 205cm, Here's a great jump of 211cm from last summer! 2015: P14 WC gold, P14 outdoor track Finnish record 202cm and P14 indoor track Finnish record 193cm. What are the goals in the future? The Olympics, the World Cup and the European Championships and also the Diamond League would be a dream. How much time does the high jump take? A lot, but it's worth it! Getting to the top requires hard work and I'm ready to work for it even if it takes time. What is the most difficult thing about high jumping? I can't say, maybe it would be a good mood in every race! What is the best thing about high jumping? To fight over the bar always higher and higher. Racing buddies are also the best and camps with them! Tough competitions are nice when you have to play with whether to miss a jump or jump from the same place as the others! Does high jumping ever feel like work? Yes! It feels like work and I hope that one day it would be my job and I would get paid for it! Could high jumping be a job for you in the future? Yes! One day I hope it will be a job where I can get money in my pocket and get to travel to big competitions. If you had to tell a friend why you should choose RIVA, then why RIVA? You should choose RIVA because the clothes are soft, nice and fit well! A few quick ones: What toppings for pizza? Chicken, salami, tomato and garlic mayonnaise If you could choose any superpower, which one would you choose? Flying Which clothing items/accessories can you find most in the clothes closet? T-shirts. A secret vice? Loose candies and other treats. Big thanks to super Artu!

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