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Article: Long time no see - i.e. Moro for a long time!

Long time no see - i.e. Moro for a long time!

Hello, Long time no see, that's what they say. For a long time, we had the feeling that it would be nice to write on the blog side for a long time. Or, to tell the truth, I've felt like that quite often, but now I managed to even grasp it. So, where do you start? Since the last post, where it was said that the roles within the company have changed a bit, many cool things have happened. There have been new collections that have been packaged for the world very diligently. We also have a new employee - a furry one, that is, our beloved dog Seppo got a long-awaited little brother, Paavo. At the time of writing the text, Paavo is a day to four months old, that is, a very chubby, puppy-haired lapdog baby, who is also currently snuggling next to him. Pave has somewhat influenced RIVA's work too, at least there has been less rampaging in the office, so that the other person doesn't immediately have to hang out in the hut for a full working day (and water the laminates, heh). More about SpongeBob another time, what else have we been working on... Well, at least the published spring, summer and norpa collections. The reception has been really successful, thank you for that. Last summer, we wrote about the pain of the clothing industry in the summer, when sales, one more attractive than the other, are popping up everywhere and, well, it wasn't so easy for us. This summer it's been the opposite, it's a pleasure to say that the shirts have found their owners in real life. Thank you. <3 With the startling summer behind us, we are also looking towards autumn. There are a few more limited collections planned for this year, more about which later. About a week ago, we made one big change, which has affected our well-being at work quite rapidly: we finally cleaned our office and redecorated it! From the beginning, our office hasn't been very descriptive, but during the latest norppa raids, it had gotten into pretty rough shape. Check the pictures and you will understand... ...Yup. It's pretty bad, now I'm a bit embarrassed, I hope all our customers don't suffer because of this. Fortunately, last summer the "honest home challenge" has also been around quite a lot on blogs - I guess it's just that bloggers' desks aren't that messy, heh. The office desk is not always that chaotic, but after packing shifts it was quite a common sight. For some reason, we hadn't invested in the look of the office yet - all the stuff was used, some from our own warehouses and some from relatives, some from the Roskalava-JKL Facebook group. The whole thing was, well, okay, but in the long run the disorganization started to bother me and the office exploded like this at regular intervals. One beautiful day a couple of weeks ago, Riku's measure was filled and he linked Eeva the pages of IKEA and the shopping cart sitting in the sketches. "Did we already have enough money, couldn't you make this office quite tolerable?" It was about time. The bag came in a couple of days, just in time for the weekend. And I'm not piling up. A few pieces of furniture left the office to find a new home, the papers went to the paper collection, the cardboard boxes to the cardboard recycling and the space was rearranged. We needed a clear table for packaging products, a desk, sorting invoices and its own shelf for pickups. At the same time, the back room was also rearranged, which unfortunately was not immortalized in these pictures. There you can find many shirts from sleds, in order of size. A perfectionist's dream, ah. The new look of the office also motivates to keep it clean. We've been seriously "hacking" our own home for probably about half a year. Now we dare to claim (or, well, Eeva dares, it's probably been a bit of a project) that we know the contents of almost every box, shelf and jar. Now that same calmness has spread to the workplace. It's pretty cool when packing tape and a tape comb are always found where they were left. It is also quite satisfying to arrange the pickups, which are currently a few dozen at a time, can be found neatly in alphabetical order on metal shelves. It's only been a week of hanging out at the "new office", but we can already say that freesaus was a really good decision. I bet that this change is very positive for the customers as well: I hope the pickers weren't completely terrified when there were tapes and packing slips around the office. :D But yeah, that's what we're supposed to do. We're moving into autumn excitedly, we're more of a hoodie than bikini people, referring to the heat of July. I hope that those of you reading this are also doing well and are looking forward to the coming autumn! By the way, there is not much time left until the release of the autumn collection... ;) And we promise that in the future there will be more blog posts again. We received really good topic suggestions on social media and we are already looking forward to sharing them all! :)

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