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Article: Great material choices for summer dressing

Saven sävyinen ribbitoppi pyykkinarulla.

Great material choices for summer dressing


Do you have organic cotton and lyocell in your wardrobe?

Enjoy the sunny summer in cool, breathable and quick-drying clothes! When the heat wave is raging, the thunder is rolling and the summer rain is drenching, it is important to pay attention to the materials of the clothes.

Each of us has surely experienced that unpleasant feeling when, on a summer's day, the clothes feel like they are sticking to the skin, are grinding and therefore feel uncomfortable. Did you know that clothing material choices can help with this problem? Especially in summer clothes, the importance of material choices is emphasized even more. With them, you can make yourself feel easier on hot days, allow your favorite clothes to dry quickly after washing with a clothesline before evening parties, or enjoy exercise in breathable clothes.

So what are great summer clothes made of? They are made of breathable, non-abrasive, soft and durable natural materials that feel comfortable against the skin. Lyocell and organic cotton, for example, are excellent choices for summer clothes, and the best part is that they are suitable for use all year round!


The most important cornerstone of organic cotton cultivation is organic production. Its goal is to take care of soil fertility and biodiversity, and to promote the well-being of people and the environment.

Five reasons why organic cotton is an excellent choice for summer clothes:

1. Organic cotton is a breathable natural material . It allows air to move through the garment and helps the skin stay cool even on hot summer days.

2. Organic cotton absorbs moisture, making it a non-abrasive material . This is why organic cotton is especially comfortable in the summer when we may sweat more.

3. Organic cotton is a durable material, so it can withstand active and long-term use . So in the summer, you don't have to worry about sweating, which typically leads to tighter washing intervals, because organic cotton withstands washing and use!

4. There is no pilling or electrification typical of organic cotton, but organic cotton clothing is preserved well.

5. Organic cotton dries quickly after washing . This is a handy feature, especially when an ice cream stain needs to be cleaned off a shirt or a favorite garment needs to be dried quickly for use.

Many kinds of clothes are made from organic cotton, such as t-shirts, dresses, shorts and hoodies. Organic cotton is versatile as a material, which enables it to be used in many situations and clothes. So it is no coincidence that our main raw material is organic cotton, because you could say that it is a real credit material!


Lyocell is a cellulose-based modified fiber whose raw material is eucalyptus. It is a biodegradable material and is more ecological compared to, for example, viscose.

Six reasons why lyocell is an excellent choice for summer clothes:

1. Lyocell feels pleasant against the skin and pleasantly cool even in summer.

2. Lyocell is not as prone to wrinkles as linen clothing, which is often preferred in summer dressing. So, if the wrinkling of linen bothers you, you should check out lyocell! 3. Lyocell is a light and soft natural material, thanks to which it drapes beautifully . 4. Lyocell is a very absorbent material . In other words, it absorbs moisture effectively, making it a breathable material.

5. Lyocell is a durable material, thanks to which the garment does not lose its shape during use or washing. Instead, a garment made of lyocell fits beautifully .

6. Lyocell withstands washing well and dries quickly , just like organic cotton. Lyocell is a really beautiful material with a slightly shiny surface, which is used in many kinds of clothes, such as sports and leisure clothes.

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