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Article: We all fit in here

We all fit in here

Hello! Today we are writing about climate protection and what nature means to us. For us, nature is a very essential part of everyday life, so it was a pleasure to notice that it also interested you, our followers, and we were able to make a shirt that supports it! We both thought when we were younger that as soon as we get old enough, the direction is towards the stadium, that mecca of urbanity. You would go from one place to another by spor instead of cars and buses would be called dös. The parts of the city would have their own shopping centers and the airport would not be a three-hour drive away. Well, now we are (almost) adults. And although it's nice to visit Helsinki, neither of them go there any more anyway. The good thing about central Finland is that there are forests to share with others. Nowadays, we are even quite close to nature, although as a teenager, hanging out in the forest was more of a nightmare than a relaxing way to spend time. Especially when that furry four-wheel drive joined the group, Jyväskylä's nature trails have been explored a couple of times. So what is it about nature that fascinates you? Silence, peace, the flowering of different seasons and some kind of connection with nature. Especially like this in the fall, there have been many admired fall colors. When traveling alone with Sepo, the only sounds are often the thump of Sepo's paws, hissing and his own breathing. That's pretty cool. A couple of months ago we were watching the sunset on the Kanavuori nature trail; the scenery was really amazing. As the sun went down, I got the feeling that the world was ready just like this. Maybe it's nature that fascinates. It tries for nothing and is still perfect. Climate protection goes hand in hand with enjoying nature. The biggest threat to preserving biodiversity is climate change. Not all animal species can cope with changing conditions. Also, not all plant species can cope with temperature changes. People can take better care of themselves and adapt to changes, but nature cannot. Climate change is fueled by many things, a large part of which is man-made. Fortunately, we can do many things that are small for us, but big for nature. For example, you can try to travel long distances more by public transport than by your own car. Cycling from one place to another is also quite fast, healthy and good for nature. However, we don't want to start rambling and scaremongering about what everyone should do and what all the bad things will happen with climate change. In our opinion, enough of this is already happening on behalf of the media. The point of view that we want to bring out and spread is that nature is irreplaceably beautiful and we are not the only ones who live here. In addition to humans, there are also many animals and creatures living here on Earth, which are strongly at the mercy of us humans. Not to mention all the beauty nature has to offer. We can all fit here, as long as we pay a little attention to our own choices. However, everyone knows many things that could be done better in everyday life. We hope that this article and pictures reminded you of the importance of nature and made you make one better choice tomorrow. In our opinion, it is better to look at things from a positive point of view, because the rooster doesn't sing on command. So let's enjoy all this beauty and appreciate what we get to admire every day. <3 -Eeva & Riku

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