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Article: However, we are just two students

However, we are just two students

So. We've almost been running our own clothing brand for a year and it's been pretty crazy. Very few things have gone exactly as planned or thought. Perhaps the biggest surprise has been how much this whole thing has spread. When we started a year ago, the idea was to have fun, do what you want and, of course, learn at the same time. Now that the shirts are no longer sold but to friends and relatives, it has brought much more to think about and the original principles have sometimes been forgotten. It's almost time for us to graduate from school and the moment of decision is getting close: do we want to keep this job as a nice hobby or do we try to make this the right job for us? However, we are just two students who want to do nice things and keep things relaxed.

Recently, the trend has seemed to be that full-time self-employment could be possible. Recently, running the company has also started to feel more crowded at times, and at the same time, he has started to doubt himself. Oops, now it's getting pretty serious. Let's cut the joke. What is the most fun about entrepreneurship? Nothing, heheh. But the idea of ​​full-time employment has made me think more carefully about all decisions and has caused more sales pressure. Some updates should be thought about even more carefully and their likes and visibility should be closely watched. If you don't get a couple of likes in the first half hour, you immediately start to wonder what you did wrong. Doesn't anyone like us anymore? And thus, of course, no one buys anything from us anymore. NOTHING. We should get rid of staring at the screen and vying for likes. It's a waste of time and energy. Still, that's what he does and it's no secret. A lot of other people probably do the same, because your own Some image has become so important these days. It defines even more people and also companies. If you can give a successful and popular image of yourself on Some, then you will also be considered successful and popular in the real world. It's a bit sad. There's a lot written about this issue these days, and I don't have a better solution or guide for it. However, it brings even more pressure on the company, so we decided now not to take so much stress from every update and statement. Let's do more of what the mind does and what the feeling is. No more than that from Some.
[video width="1088" height="1088" mp4=""][/video] Here is one of our first advertising videos, which was not published a year ago for some reason. Enjoy!
Let's talk a little more about sales, because sales are always interesting. During the first year, we will sell 2-3 times more than what we had as a goal when the company was founded. That's when we had the idea to run the company while studying and prepare for the challenges of working life at the same time. And, of course, earn a little pocket money on top of the student aid. Now that this could become a real job, the pressure to sell is increasing all the time. It's surprisingly unpleasant and it's one thing we decided to avoid as much as possible from the beginning. Now the business world welcomes us to reality. Soon we are no longer just two students. After all, we are mere mortals who have to sell a certain number of shirts in order to fill the fridge with food. Or even in half. Here is our next big challenge: how to keep things meaningful and relaxed, without taking the greater pressure of selling, even though you have to sell to make ends meet? When we got up to speed, let's say one more negative thing. The haters. There are always haters and there should be. Everyone hates something. I hate Coca-Cola and of course pineapple on pizza, even though they haven't done me any harm. At least we haven't been terribly hurt either, but some people still hate us. One thing we should have fun with is the negative, or sometimes even receiving angry (yes, you read that right, some really hate us) feedback. We take the hate directed at RIVA Clothing far too personally. If someone doesn't like our shirts, it doesn't mean that they hate us as people. Damn pointless thinking, you have to learn to get rid of that too. While more and more people have heard about our company, more and more people have also formed some kind of opinion about us. People talk about opinions to others and that is of course completely natural. But it's also pretty hot. When you hear other people talking about RIVA Clothing or find opinions written about one of us, it's quite strange. In the city and on the internet, it's easy to blurt out whatever comes to mind and you don't have to think so carefully about what you say. It's not selfish to think that your mumbling has any meaning. This means that when you hear or read something annoying about your own company, you shouldn't immediately yell at the devil with your fist clenched and roll around in the fetal position for the rest of the evening. It's just someone's opinion and he threw it out there and it wasn't necessarily aimed at you personally. Gotta remember the tsilla. 8)

However, feedback received via e-mail or private message is addressed directly to us and can be taken at least a little personally. Fortunately, I haven't received too many rude messages yet, but I guess I'll have to get used to them too, if things get bigger. We've received a couple of "you're ridiculous" and "your clothes are really awful" feedbacks, but we've managed to answer them factually as well. However, we are still just a couple of students who sometimes make mistakes and don't know nearly everything yet. We are not a giant clothing company that dresses millions of people, but we are a small fly in the ointment in this clothing business. Most people are not bothered by fly poop, but some people may feel a great hatred for it. It's probably not very representative to compare one's own company to a fly's poop, but let's go like this on Friday in honor. You shouldn't have thought so carefully about your own words. A really relaxing and hate-free weekend for everyone. Piis and laav, Riku

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