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Article: Our day as an entrepreneur

Our day as an entrepreneur

Hello, Today is Meitsi's or Eve's day! Wednesday is a pretty dark day, so we're already pretty close to the weekend. So the idea of ​​this post is to tell you what our everyday lives are like. No one else is welcome at the fair! 06:42 Wake up. It has been a couple of days before the shutdown, so the internal alarm clock is starting to work. Even though I had to go to bed quite late, I still feel refreshed. If only waking up early was always as easy! 07:15 Some have been browsed through, new e-mails have been read and it seems that I have to get up... The morning starts with brushing my teeth and other morning activities. Work doesn't start until ten, so in the morning it's good to spend the so-called "own time". The TV is on and Modern Family is playing on Netflix. 08:00 An unbearable sound of a drill starts to be heard from the apartment next door... I moved a few days ago back to my flat-roofed room in Kortepohja, but the neighboring apartments are still under renovation. This morning, however, the drill can only be heard for about a quarter of an hour, wonderful! 08:30 The morning is spent comfortably stretching, eating breakfast and browsing blogs. The afternoon trip is starting to get a little exciting, more about that later... 09:27 I'm going to work early for once. I have a really bad habit of being late everywhere. I always start the preparations on time, but somehow, at the moment of departure, it's really hard for me to push myself out the door. First, you have to check if you have all the keys, calendars, allergy medicine, laptop and charging cord for the computer and phone. This usually takes five to ten minutes to get frustrated, which is why I ride a thousand and one hundred miles to school or work. Today the departure is reasonably painless and I can get out in about five minutes. 09:55 At the destination, i.e. at our pop-up. Along the way, I stopped by a store to get more coffee and a little snack for the day. At the store checkout, I noticed that my bank card is lost again... I lose it on average three times a week, but so far it has been found every time either in my wallet or in the bottom of my backpack. Fortunately. That's why I usually don't panic about losing a card, because it always appears somewhere! 10:00 The store is open and the music is in the southeast! I'm working alone today. Riku and I try to keep the store a couple of days a week for ourselves, so the other person doesn't have a day off. On the one hand, they are a bit stressful, but on the other hand, the calm days of the week go well even when studying and chatting with clients. 11:37 The first couple of hours of the store will go by comfortably doing overdue tasks and a couple of sweatshirts will be sold. Wednesday is quiet, at least this morning, so there is also enough time to make coffee and clean the sleds. Riku stopped by, so we drink coffee and talk about work. Leisure and work can easily get mixed up, but this pop-up has certainly helped to get work done during working hours and not in the evenings. 13:02 Although customer service is my job, sales is not at all! I hate all pushovers and forced sales, but fortunately, as an entrepreneur, you can decide what kind of seller you want to be. I just like to talk to customers and throw a flap. Fortunately, our customers are really nice and lovely. It always feels so good when someone stays to chat! 14:30 The working day goes by so quickly again... Today the working day is sped up by a trip that is about an hour away. After a long time, you can ride a longer trip. I like driving, but especially with motorbikes it's nice to go crazy. My dream trip would be to do a road trip on the German Autobahns... ???? 15:17 Jarna, the third partner of our company, comes to the store to take care of our evening shift. Jarski is perhaps the only guy I trust one hundred percent! In addition to our mental health, he is responsible for our accounting. At this point, I pack up my things and go for a walk around the house before the car journey begins. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 16:15 And off we go! Okay, because there is another Geier going on this trip, who has the same departure problems as me, we will really get into traffic after half past five. The direction is taken towards Kuvansi, which is located near Varkaus. 18:15 On target! As you can see from the pictures, the target was a corgi kennel. I've always dreamed of having my own dog, but there are a couple of people in my family who are allergic to dogs. Now that they have moved in and their studies are almost at the end, getting a dog is more timely. Today, however, we only came to greet the dogs and get to know the breeders. Puppies will be born in the kennel later in the fall and next spring. 20:15 Let's start to leave the kingdom of corgis. The puppies were absolutely lovely, as were all the adult dogs! Many people wait for the puppy stage when getting their own dog, but I do look forward to when they grow to full size. Here, too, all the corgis were wonderfully tidy, in good condition and with shiny fur! The talk will turn to the fact that this girl might also be a dog owner in the future... ???? Now, however, through Varkaus ABC, on the way home! 22:44 Huh, finally home! I went to pick up the shop keys from Jarna and headed the car towards Kortepohja. It's been a long, but good day. It was a nice change to be in the store by yourself, although it's always more fun together. The corgi kennel also melted the heart, what else will come of this... Directly through brushing the teeth to the land of dreams, nights! I said, Eve

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