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Article: Why would you buy from us? Responsible fashion belongs to everyone

Miksi ostaisit meiltä? Vastuullinen muoti kuuluu kaikille

Why would you buy from us? Responsible fashion belongs to everyone

Responsible fashion belongs to everyone - five reasons to choose RIVA Clothing!

Are you interested in responsible consumption, are you looking for a finnish clothing brand or are you looking for sustainable and high-quality clothes for your wardrobe? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place! Here are five reasons why it's easy to fall in love with our brand, and why you should buy from us!

1. Truly transparent and responsible

For us, responsibility is more than just buzzwords. We communicate openly and transparently about our activities, and our responsibility speech is not misleading. You don't have to guess whether our product is really made responsibly, because we openly tell you what we make, where and how. All this information is clearly displayed on our website, and we have nothing to hide.
Our responsibility also extends beyond the production chain - We encourage all our customers to consume responsibly, to use existing clothes and to purchase new ones only when necessary.
RIVA Clothing clothing design.

2. Quality

It is extremely important to us that we can stand behind our products and honestly say that they are of high quality. The high quality of our products is a matter of our hearts. We invest in high-quality and responsible materials and careful sewing work, because we want to ensure that our products are not only pleasant to wear, but also durable in use, wear and washing.
We choose materials in accordance with the principles of sustainable development as raw materials, and our main raw material is organic cotton. We use GOTS and BCI certified (Global Organic Textile Standards) organic cotton.
Choosing colors from the Pantone book, clothing design.

3. Achievable price

Sustainable clothing belongs to everyone, and we want to offer a better and more sustainable alternative to fast fashion clothing. That's why we've taken steps to be able to offer you cheaper prices than many other brands without compromising on quality. We offer an excellent price-quality ratio and especially achievable prices.
We also transparently highlight what it costs to make a garment and what kind of margins are there. In other words, we wanted to openly present our price structure. We know that our products are certainly not accessible to everyone. We have tried to get the price as low as possible while keeping production in Europe and without compromising on quality.

4. You support Finnish work

We are a company from Jyväskylä, and all products purchased from our online store are packed and sent from here. We employ professionals in clothing design, online shopping, marketing, photography and graphic design. In addition, we buy a lot of work from Finland, such as from manufacturers, pattern designers and printing houses.
Although our products are manufactured in Europe, about 75% of their price remains in Finland. So by buying from us you can proudly say that you support Finnish work!
Clothes maintenance with a clothes brush.

5. Timelessness

Our clothes are designed for long-term use. Our carefully designed clothes are made to withstand time and fashion changes, which means sustainable choices for your wardrobe. 
Combining our clothes with different accessories, outfits and clothes is easy, because they go well together. Our clothes are meant for use, not for the closet, and that's why we want to make clothes that you feel good in and that you enjoy wearing.
We involve our customers in the design process and want to have feedback about our products. This way we can develop our products according to the needs of our customers. Our goal is that our customers can build a functional wardrobe in the future in the style of their choice and that our clothes solve problems and not create them.
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