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Article: Why choose merino wool?

Tummanharmaa ja vaaleanharmaa merinovillaneule.

Why choose merino wool?

Nature's own super fiber — soft and versatile merino wool
Merino wool has not earned its reputation as nature's own super fiber for nothing. But where does this unique fiber come from and why is it so popular? Merino wool is obtained from merino sheep. Merino wool is a renewable and biodegradable material, which makes it a great alternative for both clothes and the environment. But the beauty of merino wool isn't just limited to durability – it has a host of other great qualities that make it a wardrobe favourite.

RIVA Clothing model in light gray Usva merino wool sweater and merino wool beanie. THE UNIQUE PROPERTIES OF MERINO WOOL

Merino fiber is very fine, thanks to which it does not feel stinging on the skin. It is also thinner and softer compared to woolen clothes made from coarse fibers. Merino wool's wonderful softness is one of its many great properties and the reasons for its great popularity.

Merino wool is a very versatile material. It is suitable for freezing cold frosty days as well as hot summer days. But how is this possible? Merino wool is a true master in temperature regulation. When the weather gets colder and you get cold, you can put on merino wool clothes, because the fiber traps air and keeps you warm. On the other hand, when the temperature rises and you start sweating, merino wool moves the moisture away from the skin, so you always stay dry and comfortable.

Merino wool is a breathable material that adapts to your body's needs. With merino wool clothing, you don't have to worry that it won't warm you up when it's freezing outside. And not that it would make you sweat indoors either. Merino wool is a wonderfully versatile choice that is suitable for use all year round. In addition, merino wool does not wrinkle, which guarantees that the garment always looks neat and good, whether you are going to work or adventuring in nature.

Merino wool is an antibacterial and dirt-repellent material, meaning it cleans itself. It may sound unbelievable, but it's true! Merino wool evaporates odors by reacting with oxygen, and because of that, merino wool clothing does not smell. Because of this, merino wool clothes do not need constant washing.

Two people wearing gray and dark gray merino wool beanies


With the right care of merino wool, you can ensure a long service life of the garment and keep it looking beautiful year after year. Here's how to care for merino wool clothing:

  1. Ventilation: Merino wool's best friend is fresh air. That is why ventilation is the most important measure in the care of merino wool clothing. Airing freshens and cleans the garment.

  2. Stain removal: If you notice a stain on your clothing, wash it locally as quickly as possible. This way you avoid the washing operation of the entire garment and save the garment.
  1. Washing: When the garment needs washing, prefer a gentle hand wash with a detergent intended for wool.

  2. Drying: After washing, shape the garment to dry on a flat surface so that it maintains its beautiful shape.

  3. Storage: Store the garment on a flat surface, for example folded in a wardrobe. Storing on a hanger is not recommended because it causes the merino wool garment to stretch.

  4. Garment care and lint removal: Merino wool clothing forms lint as a result of friction, which is completely normal. Using a lint comb and a clothes brush, you can remove lint and dirt from your clothes.

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