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Article: What was left in the hand - or Was there anything left?

What was left in the hand - or Was there anything left?

Now the pop-up experience starts to be patted. There are only a couple of days left of the month's rental period. Fortunately, I have something else left in my hand, other than Liiketila's rental car. In this text, we wanted to summarize our feelings from the past weeks.

1. Valuable experience

That's the biggest thing. Now you know at least a little about what things to take into account if you are considering setting up a brick-and-mortar store. Rental matters, inventory management, customer service, enabling cash and card payments, work shifts, interior design and daily wrestling with the awkward lock on the door. This has been really cool! It has been experienced again and something new has been achieved in life. Even though it was wonderful to run your own shop for a month, it also feels wonderful to lock the door when something goes wrong. If only for once it would agree to behave nicely :)

2. Money

Trying must be fun and work must be pleasant. But yes, it also has to be profitable and you have to make a lot of money with it. The money earned during the pop-up is spent on e.g. for a puppy and a one-week trip to Barcelona. As they say, draw them when you have chalk! 8) After writing this paragraph, you have to check if the money is still enough to pay the rent...

3. Big eye bags

The picture already tells you something... Here is the result, when two people who are used to student life are put to work for a month for 38-hour work weeks. In addition to normal work shifts, life includes studying, hobbies, and I've heard that some free time should be seduced... Yes, this still requires a bit of getting used to, luckily, real working life is still somewhere in the far future!

4. New acquaintances

Every new person who came to our store, and especially those who stayed to chat, really gave us a lot. It was really nice to see and feel the good attitude people received us with! We had many fruitful discussions and cheers for the day. So a big thank you to all the people who visited our pop-up, without you none of this would have happened!

5. Empty cardboard boxes

The sleds could be filled at such a fast pace that quite a pile of cardboard boxes accumulated in the shop. An empty cardboard box tells us that we have done something right! You can also do anything with these, such as a coffee table for our pop-up store or shelf space for reserved products... Especially on a student budget, these cardboard boxes have proven to be quite useful.

6. New ideas

The new people really gave us a lot of new ideas. We captured all the small ideas and will use them to the best of our ability in the future. We want to develop our mood in our own way, but in cooperation with you. When we move forward together, it will be damn good! It has been really nice to get development ideas from you. You can also contact us in the future with your wishes, we will fulfill them as best we can! :)

7. Moccamaster

No work without coffee, and no coffee without work. During the working day, I have drunk almost a dozen cups of coffee, so this was an absolute purchase. Eeva has not owned a coffee maker before, although she has been furnishing her own for almost five years. It was about time to invest in a proper coffee machine!

8. Cheer up

Almost every old or new acquaintance wished us well! Many thanks for that! Sometimes you need a little bit of everything here, and you can never have too much of it. Thank you!

9. Empty sleighs

The sleds were starting to look pretty empty, as they should at this point. After this pop-up, our patterns are really changing a bit, and we won't be getting any more of these products. So that even the last hangers can be emptied, during Friday and Saturday we want to offer you the opportunity to come and empty our shop at nice flat-rate prices. So come and check if your size is still available!

10. Decision: this will be done again

Summarum summarum, this MUST be done again!

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