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Article: What to watch on Netflix - our recommendations!

What to watch on Netflix - our recommendations!

We've been on a blog hiatus because lately we simply haven't found the time or inspiration to make posts. All the inspiration we received has gone into the brand renewal and creation of new products. Now, however, we finally got the feeling that it would be nice to continue updating the blog and share with you our thoughts about RIVA Clothing, of course, but also about our interests, everyday life and the world in general. We decided to start with a really current and very important topic. Perhaps even the most important, because autumn and rainy and dark nights are here. As everyone knows, there is only one salvation for this situation: Netflix. We want to share our favorite series and movies with you, because we know how difficult it is sometimes to find something suitable to watch from Netflix's wide selection. So now pen and paper out, here the saviors of autumn are starting to come!

Riku's favorites

Mint (La casa de papel)

It's the absolute number one! The Spanish really know how to make addictive series. The Spanish language is also completely captivating, and it doesn't bother you at all, actually it's the opposite. The Spanish language somehow sounds really relaxing, and on the other hand, when the gang heats up, then we heat it up to the fullest. PLATA O PLOMO! That's all, this is simply the best series you can find on Netflix. Incredibly cunning, exciting and ingenious. I won't reveal more, go away!

Stranger Things

This series probably needs no introduction. A lot of people must have been encouraged through all the episodes already, but if not, then it's high time. Really hard firing from episode to episode. The danger of hooking is very high.

New Sherlock (Sherlock)

The new Sherlock is one of the all-time favorite crime series that can be found on Netflix. A really cleverly executed series, where every episode offers an explosive "mind blown" moment. Or actually, each episode offers several of them. The episodes are longer than normal series, nearly an hour and a half suspense dramas. There are only 13 episodes in total, but the length of each episode ensures that you won't end up watching it in one weekend. Well, when you get up to speed, I won't promise anything...

The Blacklist

Let's take another crime series after another. There have been many seasons of Black List and each season has quite a few episodes. It's a really good option for daily viewing. There are so many episodes that you won't be so tempted to devour the entire series. The plot in a nutshell: a former notorious criminal helps the FBI catch the criminals who annoyed him. Doesn't that sound good? A couple of episodes a day is a sure way to get rid of guilt!

At First Sight ( How I Met Your Mother)

Then a little lighter in between. HIMYM is my overwhelming favorite when it comes to comedy series. I'm not going to introduce the series any further because almost everyone has probably seen this. And if you haven't, fix that now. In my case, the series must have been watched from start to finish about eight times now. If you can't think of anything else to watch, you can always watch it again!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I only discovered this series a little while ago, but it has even risen to the top 5 comedy series for me. Very good and strange enough humor can be found in abundance in every episode. The fast-moving pace and suitably short episodes keep the mind fresh and you can enjoy one episode anywhere in between. A very big plus for the acting!


Coach Carter

Then a few more movies. You can find good sports movies with cats and dogs, but here is one of them. A really great and motivating story about coach Ken Carter and the basketball team he coaches. The role of Ken Carter is played by the domineering Samuel L. Jackson, who makes an absolutely chilling performance. Throw in one of the best sports movies, but the story is also suitable for not-so-sports-lovers.

The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)

If the Spanish know how to make great series, then they know how to make a movie too! One of the best finds in Netflix's movie selection is the thriller The Invisible Guest. The film takes you right from the beginning and the narration is very interesting. The less said about this movie, the better it works. But I can promise you that you will be surprised. And big.

Shutter Island

Here's another real mind blowing movie. When Martin Scorsese and a thriller are mentioned in the same sentence, things can't go terribly wrong. Oh, and when Leonardo DiCaprio is added to that, the masterpiece is ready. All kinds of things hurt and happen on the island, you can't trust anyone and your sense of reality disappears. Both the viewers and the characters in the story.


A musical film that does not, however, focus too much on the music. The film is about true dedication and passion, and the storytelling has been managed to be really intense. The movie grabs you from the beginning and you can't jump off that ride. Even though I don't understand that much about movies, the cuts and music in particular are incredibly well done in this movie. The film sometimes even makes the viewer gasp, and the final scene is again a complete diamond.

Ocean's movies (Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen & 8)

All Ocean's movies were my favorite movies when I was younger, and even today they are always watched every now and then when you want something light to watch and can't find anything new. A suitably witty and humorous mood with top actors, I guess you don't always need that. If you've never covered it, it's definitely worth a look. If you've watched it, it's still worth watching.

Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly

The documentary tells very intimately about the life of rapper Travis Scott. This documentary lets the viewer get much closer to Travis than what the media offers us. It's definitely worth watching, even if you're not a big Travis Scott fan. The documentary gives a significantly different picture of the challenges and successes brought by success than the media.

Tarantino's movies (Pulp Fiction, Honorable Bastards, Reservoir Dogs and Django Unchained)

I don't know what, but someone in these movies is attractive. I guess it's the dark humor and long dialogues. Take a look at these classics and draw your own conclusions!


And to make the ending feel a little lighter and more relaxed, let's include a cartoon! Pixar's newer production (2017) Coco is a really impressive animation. The Mexican boy Miguel ends up in the "realm of the dead", where there is plenty of mood and visual fireworks. The plot is nicely intriguing, even though it is drawn. It's simply one of the best and most stylish cartoons of the last few years, it's incredible how wonderful looking Cartoons can be made these days. (Eva's comment: IT WAS WONDERFUL. I cried. Many times.)

Eve's Favorites

Modern family

A good old sitcom without laughs, spiced up with really funny sitcoms. The series has a diverse cast of characters and relatable personalities, whose unfinished dynamics create the basis for the series' humor. There is something about this whole family comedy that has made me watch that series about six times without lying. For the last four of these, Riku has also been next to him, laughing at the same jokes, no matter how many times. If for some reason you haven't watched yet, please do. After a couple of episodes, you already know if the series is right for you! There is enough to watch here, there are probably nine seasons already.

Queer Eye

SUCH a wonderful change program. Queer Eye is based on the Fab Five format, in which five men stylize the life of the main character of the episode into a new pattern. I love emotional "makeover" programs that go through more than superficial things. Here the focus is on the target person's personality, life situation and what kind of life they would like to live. The men of Queer Eye (who are absolutely wonderful people) each help in their own way, and the end result of the episode is a happier and braver person. I could have watched this series without lying for any length of time, but there were only four seasons on Netflix, niisk. Fortunately, something new is coming next year.

Marie Kondo - homes in order

Do you love those videos on Facebook and Instagram with the title "most satisfying video ever" that depict e.g. chopping food, hair transformations, mixing paint, etc. in a very visually satisfying way? I LOVE THEM. Well, it might not come as a surprise that I also love Marie Kondo's miniseries about organizing Yankee homes. Of course, the series exudes an American spirit, which is not always very attractive. However, the episodes are built in a fun way and the arrangement of things and watching the house empty is somehow satisfying. This might just be one season too, but if you like cleaning, small emotional outbursts and happy endings, this could be your thing.

American tiny homes

Let's continue on the same line as the previous series introducing Konmari tactics. This is where tiny homes are built for American people to make their dreams come true. In this series, ingenious storage systems, people's dreams and the realization of the structures themselves are fascinating - they require creativity. The second season of this just came out on Netflix, I'm waiting for a quiet weekend when I could binge-watch the whole season at once...

Pretty Little Liars

My favorite teen series! Pretty little Liars or PLL is an American drama series that investigates the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl. I don't really know how to justify this series getting on this list. Well, the series has the right mix of teenage turmoil, crushes, drama, self-discovery and potential murderers. Often, teen series seem a bit annoying and cheesy to older viewers, but I could still watch all the seasons again. In my opinion, the actors do really believable role performances. The same series as, for example, good old Gossip Girl or the newer Riverdale .

13 Reasons Why

In my opinion, it's a very current, opinionated and good series. Sometimes it's sickeningly depressing (I've cried), but that's why it's so important. Well made, good actors, interesting stories. Especially the last season was interesting. It's hard to say more about this without spoiling the plot, but if you've heard of the series and you're interested, watch it. Alright.

Elite School (Élite)

A Spanish drama series that now has two seasons on Netflix. The series investigates the murder of a young girl and the events leading up to it. A few young people from poorer backgrounds arrive at a Spanish private school, trying to adapt to the atmosphere of the elite school. The series contains relationship drama, class differences and privileged bushes. Sounds like fun, right? We also liked the second season, which just came to Netflix a while ago. Waiting for the third season, that's how exciting the place was left!


My movie taste is generally divided into three categories: exciting movies, comedies and dramas that make you cry. Okay, as it turned out from Riku's movie list, a well-made animation also makes Meits' tear ducts open. Many of my "thrilling movies" favorites can already be found in Riku's list, so here's a little lighter stuff + a couple of edgy classics.

(500) days of summer

"I can tell you upfront, that this is not a love story." I based my imaginations of romantic relationships on this movie for a long time, hahah. In my opinion, a very nicely constructed love movie, which is not a traditional love movie. A fun and, I believe, quite relatable movie full of scenes!

Bad moms

Funny comedy starring Mila Kunis. I discovered this only last weekend in my boredom and I blurted out loud a few times. Includes funny mutt jokes and rebellion against perfection. If the movie makes you laugh out loud, that's good. With this, I recommend a chip bag + dip combo, very good.

Minimalism: Documentary About the Important Things

With the help of this docker, I got excited about minimalism and a lifestyle that does not focus on the euros earned and the inventory of assets. It's been a while since I watched this, but now that I came across it, I immediately wanted to watch it again. Tells about the search for the meaning of life and our commodity-oriented society. Bonus tip: I also recommend the same guys' podcast.

The Untouchables

Such a touching drama! A man from a poor background, so to speak, ends up as a carer for a wealthy, paralyzed man. Both have something to learn from each other. I can't say anything about this other than just watch it. Touching, well made, great acting. I recommend, 6/5.

Small adjustment (It's complicated)

Light comedy starring Meryl Streep. I love Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia might as well be on this list. The main character has already separated from her long-term husband a moment before and lived a happy life as a single woman. However, she does have a little fling with her ex-husband, which causes some awkward situations, e.g. among the adult children of the family. Quite a light but funny movie, somehow really relatable! I've already watched Tän a few times, probably because of Meryl. Ah, good boss.

The Da Vinci Code - and sequels

The Da Vinci Code starring Tom Hanks and its sequels are brilliant. The books themselves are even better, I recommend! Hanks plays a symbology professor who unwittingly becomes embroiled in his friend's murder mystery. A larger conspiracy is revealed behind the murder, which Hanks investigates. The film is based on historical places and events and is therefore interesting. I recommend! I hope you found something new to watch in this list. It may also be that our Favorites were already familiar to you. Fortunately, the good thing about movies and series is that you can always watch them again! Happy continuation of October to everyone. <3: Eve and Riku Ps. Leave your own favorites in the comments, and we'll get something new to watch too! :)

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