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Article: How do you find your own style?

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How do you find your own style?

How to find your own style and what does your own style even mean? Style should be built around your own lifestyle. Your style reflects your life, character and even your own values. Once you have found the core of your own style, it is also easy to find the cornerstones of your wardrobe.

Finding your own style is not about renewing your entire wardrobe, but more about defining your style. In this way, everyday dressing becomes effortless and it becomes easier to figure out your own cornerstones.

Above all, finding your own style makes shopping easier. When you know your own cornerstones, you avoid shopping at huts. The wardrobe is on your side, not against you!


The very first step is to find inspiration. What inspires you when it comes to dressing? You can use Pinterest or Instagram, for example. Look for outfits that reflect how you want to dress. Even at this stage, you should also think about your own lifestyle, and how your ideal style and lifestyle go together. Find 5-10 different outfits that look like you.

Once you've found a collection of inspiring outfits, collect them together. For example, the good free tool Canva can make it easier to put together a collage.

After you've put together a collage, it's time to concretely go through your current wardrobe. The best way to go through your own selection is to empty the contents of the wardrobe onto, for example, the bed, so that you can see the whole. This familiar sight from Konmar also helps you visualize your own realities: there is often a surprising amount of clothes.


Go through your wardrobe and divide it into three parts:

1) Mandatory, but not clothes that fit your ideal style. For example, sports clothes, raincoats and backpacks can be in this category. You need them for the weather, but they may not be the cornerstone of your style.

2) Clothes that fit your style, fit and are comfortable. These are the staple pieces of your wardrobe: they reflect your character, style and values. They also fit well and are durable.

If you still can't find the credit pieces, make a collection of clothes that are repeated in your collage: they can be fitted jeans, a cool t-shirt or a blazer. The important thing is that you know what you need. You should not renew the entire wardrobe at once, but little by little. This way you also make sure that the style you define really fits your lifestyle.

3) Clothes that can only be used a couple of times a year. These clothes don't fit, are torn, or simply aren't your style. Every time you see these clothes, you know they would be more comfortable in someone else's wardrobe.

Collect these together, wash & care as needed and resell the intact clothes. Good and easy options to put clothes on are the Zadaa application, Emmy's online flea market or a traditional flea market.


Next, create a few uniform outfits for yourself. The uniform is like your safety gear, which you can throw on at any time. If this seems difficult, you can think about the following question: If you had to describe your style with one outfit, what would that outfit be? If you still can't find loaner clothes in your wardrobe, make a list of what you need. Try to think of versatile pieces of clothing that can go with at least 5 different outfits.

When you learn to identify your style, you also learn to identify the cornerstones of your wardrobe. The cornerstones of your wardrobe are clothes that you want to take good care of and whose quality you invest in, because you know that they will be used a lot. And above all, remember that the only person your style needs to please is you. <3

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