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Article: How to build a functional wardrobe?

Flatlay kuva mustasta, valkoisesta ja raidallisesta t-paidasta

How to build a functional wardrobe?

The most important thing is to focus on your own lifestyle when building a wardrobe. Paying attention to everyday life is particularly important. For example, if you go out about three times a year, do you really need a lot of party clothes?


1. Think about your own style. Is it casual or formal, do you enjoy the use of colors or black and white outfits? Look for your favorite clothes in your wardrobe, in which you always feel confident and comfortable. Think about what it is about these clothes that makes it feel just right for you - is it the neckline, the sharp cut at the ankles or the wide legs? Take the features up. Remember them the next time you need to buy something and try to find clothes made with the same flattering details!

2. Only keep clothes that fit you well. A well-fitting garment means it won't feel uncomfortable at any point of the day. Those clothes that make you feel uncomfortable every time, or the feeling that you don't look your best, can go to the thrift store for someone else's pleasure. There are millions of people of different shapes in the world, and not all clothes can possibly fit everyone. Get rid of the old ones and make some money at the flea market at the same time!

3. Get multipurpose clothes in your wardrobe. It would be good to match one top or bottom with at least a few different clothes. Personally, when looking for a new top or bottom, I aim for it to fit at least five different outfits. This becomes easier when point 1 is under control.


When you know your own style, clothes start to fit together as if by themselves. It could also be that your style is a mix of many different styles and that's just as well. When you find your own style, the size of your wardrobe will probably decrease. And this is actually a good thing - no one needs 20 different hoodies (unless it's the only top that's kept!) or 20 different styles of jeans. The less clothes there are in the wardrobe, the easier it is to get dressed.

A smart amount of clothes is one whose washing cycle does not cause problems with everyday wear. If the laundry is washed, for example, once a week, then every piece of everyday clothing would be used at least every couple of weeks. Many times the same garment can also be used several times - so don't throw the garment into the wash unnecessarily if it's not really dirty.


Minimalism has been a topic of conversation in the media for a long time. I think this is great, but it's also okay if not everyone strives for a minimalist wardrobe. The most important thing is that getting dressed wouldn't give you a headache in the morning. That's why I prefer finding my favorite clothes and possibly doubling them. For example, your favorite t-shirts or really well-fitting pants can be double pieces in the wardrobe - this way one item of clothing is always in use while the other goes to the wash.

Everyone should aim for a wardrobe that works for them, find their own cornerstones and also prefer buying used. For example, and Vähänkä are good and reliable online flea markets. If you need new clothes, support domestic brands if possible. This will bring more work to Finland and happy entrepreneurs! <3

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