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Article: How to make responsible purchase decisions?

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How to make responsible purchase decisions?

What is accountability? Responsibility can be viewed from many different perspectives. And all of them are equally true! The only thing that matters is that you know the most important values ​​for you.

Responsibility can be approached in many different ways. Responsibility often means one of the following: Ethics looks at people's well-being from the entire product manufacturing journey. Ecology, on the other hand, means the climate effect of the product. In addition to these, it is important to make products that can withstand use and are long-lasting not only in terms of material but also in terms of design. The most important thing for us is to make products that can be used hard. Clothes must be suitable for everyday life and versatile. Ones that you would love to wear every day.


The most important thing is to make a decision, what do you value the most ? Next, we will present a few responsibility factors, as well as how you can evaluate that factor when making a purchase decision.


Here are various responsibility factors that you can pay attention to.

1) Ethics . Who made the item and has he been fairly compensated for his work? Check the country of manufacture, are there any certificates and how does the company itself tell about the manufacture?

2) Ecology . Are the materials organic, how much carbon dioxide emissions does their production create and is the product recyclable?

3) Domesticity . Is the item made in Finland, Europe, or elsewhere? Where does the price paid by the customer end up? Get to know the structure of the company.

4) Usability of the product . How often can the product be used? Is it daily, or maybe only a few times a year in active use? Rarely used goods can often be rented or borrowed.

5) The company's world of values. If possible, you should support companies that donate their funds to charity. That way, you yourself are part of the change in companies. For example, we at RIVA have donated around 1,000 euros in 2022 in the form of various campaigns for the equality of women and rainbow people.

Once you have found the most important factors for you, put them in order. When you have to make new purchases, go through whether the brand exactly meets your needs. Can you happily stand behind the product? If you can, the acquisition is good. If you don't, but really need that item, it can still be a good buy. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain every item ethically produced as local production. But if you've gotten this far in your thought process, it's likely that the purchase is well thought out and genuinely necessary.

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