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Article: Young person - why would you become an entrepreneur?

Young person - why would you become an entrepreneur?

Young person - why would you become an entrepreneur?

Hello! Young people are really encouraged to be entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship is one of the most important values ​​of many universities. Often, however, the encouragement is just lip service that yes, entrepreneurship at a young age is worthwhile and that's it. But why is it worth it? It is often left unsaid and because of that young people are not seriously interested in entrepreneurship. We decided to tell concrete reasons why it is worth starting an entrepreneur at a young age, and not postponing the decision until an older age!

1. Risk-free from the start

If you start your entrepreneurial career at a young age, you probably haven't had time to take out a mortgage or start a family. Then you also have less responsibility - the less you own, the less you can lose. It sounds pretty harsh, but it's better to take that risk when you're young than when you're an adult! The older you get, the more likely it is that you start dreaming about children and detached houses by the lake. However, they are not an inexpensive hobby and you have to commit to both for many decades. That's why youth is a risk-free time when you don't have to worry about anything but your own livelihood.

2. Freedom for working hours

We are both students at a university of applied sciences. Both also have hobbies and all kinds of active activities that take up time. As an entrepreneur, you can decide when you work - in the morning, evening or through the night. This makes it easier to blend in with the rest of everyday life, when the only obstacle to possible foot training is work, which you can start a few hours earlier than usual if necessary. If you decide to start a company whose operations are close to your own studies, there are also good opportunities to earn credits for school through work. When you're young, you have to let party-goers, pub crawlers and all the world's cat lovers roam around. Of course, whenever there is something going on, then the work shift also clicks. As an entrepreneur, fortunately, you don't have that problem, but you can prepare as much work as you can in advance.

3. Wide networks

Many young people are students or at least former students. If you decide to become an entrepreneur in a field that you have already studied, there will certainly be experts among your old study buddies to cheer you on. Like-minded people can easily be found these days through various activities and organizations, such as JES, which operates in Jyväskylä. We feel that nowadays it is even easier to start an entrepreneur, because it is encouraged everywhere. Especially among young people, entrepreneurship seems to be on the rise - universities and secondary education institutions are investing more and more in entrepreneurship, and with that more and more people are considering becoming an entrepreneur.

4. The labor market situation

Finland's unemployment rate keeps growing and growing. A significant part of the unemployed are young people who have either already finished their studies or are just applying to the school of their dreams. It is possible to employ yourself in many fields. In the best case, you will be able to combine your beloved hobby and a job in the same package. When you are really interested in your field and enjoy it, the work itself doesn't feel so heavy either.

5. You don't quit

Many times people follow the same pattern with a few small changes; first we study, find a permanent job and start starting a family. It is easy and safe to stay in the same workplace - or at least in the same field even for decades at a time. But what if, during a midlife crisis, you suddenly realize that you wanted to start a hair salon? Or a candy store? The challenge is not necessarily time management, financial challenges or relationships - but simply daring to throw yourself into something completely new. When you stay in the same job for a long time, you may also inadvertently become blind to other opportunities. It's just content to drift along with the current, without even noticing it yourself. Then you don't necessarily think that you would be happier somewhere completely different.

6. You are not alone

Often, when you are younger, you become more involved in everything and take part in, for example, organization activities. Even just through different schools, many have extensive networks. Of course, these same people are included in the patterns even when they are older, but they are also more active when they are younger. You can be sure that your friends are ready to help you more than you think! Someone might know someone who can help with Wordpress. This person may know someone who can help with shirt printing. That's where it starts! We certainly wouldn't have gotten off to such a good start without the help of, for example, the friends we got through football and the education sub-organization. They deserve a big thank you!

7. You can do what you want right away

When you become an entrepreneur, you get to start right at the top. You don't have to spend years in a dark warehouse organizing papers before you can do the things you really wanted to do from day one. Not to mention the real limelight! As an entrepreneur, you immediately get a feel for the company's management duties and learn to take responsibility for what you do. It may sound a little scary, but you have to dare to challenge yourself if you want to succeed, and not just sit at the checkout counter. You decide. If we can do it, surely you can too!

8. You can ask anything and get help too

A young entrepreneur cannot yet know everything about everything at the beginning. And he doesn't need it. Young people can ask for help and ask whenever someone is busy. There are no stupid questions! In general, you can always find help from young people struggling with the same problem, or from more experienced ring foxes. Especially the help of more experienced conkers has been a really pleasant surprise! When we were looking for help in setting up an online store using online classifieds, a sales manager from Turku called us and gave us valuable advice over the phone for about half an hour. And absolutely free! As a young entrepreneur, you can be sure that you are never alone with your questions!

9. The opportunity to acquire and develop your own work experience

If you don't have work experience, you won't get a job. When you don't get a job, you don't get experience. Quite a rollercoaster and an unfortunately common situation for many young people. When you become an entrepreneur at a young age, this problem will surely be solved! As an entrepreneur, you can decide your work tasks yourself and you can gain work experience in practically any job. Even if entrepreneurship won't last your whole life, it will make your resume look really good. The employer is sure to be impressed when you tell them that you were an entrepreneur and that you have work experience, e.g. photography and image processing, social media content production, creating and maintaining an online store, selling, creating a brand and everything else you've actually been able to do yourself!

10. You don't need to be old

Have you ever thought that I would have tried that sometime? The older you get, the more these thoughts will surely come. Being upset while sitting in a rocking chair doesn't help anymore. If you have even a small business idea or idea, then you know what to do! You don't have to wonder in your old age whether that plastic egg case would have made me a millionaire... ???? I said, Eve and Riku

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