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Article: RIVA Clothing customer experiences

RIVA Clothing kokemuksia

RIVA Clothing customer experiences

At the beginning of the year, we conducted an extensive anonymous customer survey, the goal of which was to gather valuable information and hear experiences about our products and us as a company. It was a pleasure to read your answers - thanks again to everyone who participated! Here we have collected the most common answers and experiences that came up in the survey.

Experiences with RIVA Clothing's clothes

We were asked by customers what the best things about our clothes are: quality and easy-to-combine versatile clothes were definitely the most mentioned things! Read customer experiences here:
"The longevity of the products and the fact that every time you put on Riva's clothes, you feel good because of the patterns and the comfort of the clothes."
"The clothes are durable, even after many washes, the clothes retain their shape and color. The clothes have a comfortable material."
"Simplicity and combinability. As RIVA's slogan says, clothes are the cornerstones of a wardrobe, suitable for many different situations and can be combined in numerous different ways. The clothes are also durable and timeless, so they can be worn even after years and always follow fashion."
"Quality, never once have I had to be disappointed and every piece of clothing bought from you has become a cornerstone of the wardrobe and a trusted garment."
"Clearly, when designing products, the underlying idea is that they are meant for everyday life and use. Clothes are the cornerstones of a wardrobe! They go with everything and there is definitely something suitable for everyone looking for basic clothes. Good quality and durable."

Reasons to buy from RIVA

We asked customers to tell us why they have become our customers. Excellent price-quality ratio, transparent operation and wonderful products are many reasons to buy from us. Customer comments:
"Great value for money. Beautiful colors, patterns and designs in clothes and sheets. Good customer service."
"It's nice to buy clothes from Riva when you know that the quality is good and you care about many things related to the clothing industry."
"High-quality, stylish and comfortable clothes. Domesticity, ethics and most of all that feeling when nothing is tight and the fabrics are pleasant. And when you know where the clothes were designed and where they were sewn. That I don't harm the rights of others with my own choices."
"Price-quality ratio. It's nice to have an ethical alternative that is affordable."
"The products withstand use. Domesticity and still the transparency of the values ​​and the production chain. The products really have a lot of their own style!"

Experiences from RIVA Clothing

The customers' experiences with RIVA as a company have also been really positive, it was really a pleasure to read these answers! This is how customers have experienced us:

"There is no need to be nervous when buying your products, all expectations will at least be met."
"Every time you wear Riva, you know it's good to be and I walk around confidently wearing the clothes."
"I'm so happy that I found you <3 Your clothes are staples of my wardrobe, I've been wearing Riva every day for the past year."
"A wonderful company that is nice to order from and whose clothes are durable and of high quality."
"It's so good to be in Riva's clothes, you feel more confident when you know that the clothes look good and someone compliments you."
"For three years, I have occasionally ordered Riva products for use and I have always been really satisfied with my purchases."
"Hello, your clothes are the ones I look for when I need to buy clothes. Thank you for being a sure place to find clothes that can be used for many things. You are my number one and I recommend you to others!"
I hope these experiences convinced you too! Here are, in our opinion, 5 good reasons why you should buy from us .
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