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Article: The fate of RIVA Clothing after the fall?

The fate of RIVA Clothing after the fall?


The gang is a bit of a question here, what is your business going on now. Was this just a school project or will RIVA's story continue? And what about the pop-up, will the sale still continue after that and will there be something similar in the future? So, and how long can you get these clothes from the fall collection? How has the deal been going, wouldn't it be really good for you? So what's the name of the thing huh? All these questions will be answered NOW! The first thing you can say right away is that things are continuing! We got the idea to start a company from the school and have received a lot of help from there, but this is not a school project. Going to school and doing business go hand in hand: I have been able to do internships and a few courses for my own company, so school has not suffered from this at all. On the contrary, you learn much more efficiently when you are working and doing everything you can than when you are sitting on a school bench. It's a slightly different kind of learning and it's been nice to notice that entrepreneurship interests others too. We have received a surprising number of contacts asking if we could run the Show from trying and if we could give tips on how to get our own business off the ground. We have gone along with all of them and given tips as best we could. Sometimes it feels a bit wild to give tips about entrepreneurship when we've only been doing this for less than half a year. But now that you remember how ignorant you were half a year ago, you've learned a surprising amount of everything! That is, if anything in entrepreneurship makes you think, then just come and roll your sleeves up. :) And so it had to be said that the work is meant to continue even outside of school and after that, yes, the goal here is something even bigger. Something really big. Then to the pop-up. This month's pop-up was such an experiment, which can be called a successful experiment. We can already promise that there will be something similar in the future! Most likely, you will be able to get our clothes in a box before Christmas. Where, when and what clothes, that will become clear later. After this pop-up, which really only has about a week left, we are supposed to take a creative break. In other words, let's take it easy. The online store will probably be open for a few days, if there are still some items left from the pop-up. Our intention is to sell off our entire fall collection now, and it will no longer be available after this. At the moment, the schedule looks good, because actually there is only one piece left of all the products in one size, and there are no more coming. So in the meantime, an advertisement, if you still want a shirt for yourself, get off the bench and head to Torikeskus. Or if your butt doesn't get off the bench, put your laptop on your lap and fill up your shopping basket here in our online store. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Well, what then after the fall collection? Really, the end of October should be taken more lightly and to get thoughts off business. Then, around November, we return to the playing fields with an even tougher attitude and brighter eyes. Yes, even in this job, sometimes you have to press forward with your eyes, and in that rush you can become blind for the whole set. Sometimes you have to brake a little to be able to throttle properly again! In November, it would be time to gas it up again. The purpose would be to build a new online store and finalize the new collection already planned. The new collection will include new prints and new different products. A really big change is coming, because our matches will experience an almost complete change. It's pretty damn cool! We have learned quite a lot more about the clothing business and have been forced to think more about our own direction. And now it feels like we have found our direction and the thing we want to do. Not everything is revealed yet, but we can say that our direction will be more versatile, more unified, greener and more thoughtful. If everything goes well, at the end of November we will have a new RIVA Clothing to offer you, which we are very happy with! So many people have asked if you are doing well? Well, yes, we can say that it was worth it and it will continue. We have learned a lot about entrepreneurship, business and working life. You can't learn this by doing it. But in addition to that, on top of the much-talked-about and rather unhappy study, we got a little extra service here at the same time. That wallet won't tear from the strings yet, but there are a few quillings glittering in there. Perhaps the coolest and coolest thing about this is that many hundreds of people have bought clothes from us. It's already amazing at this point. Thank you. In other words, now it's a little bit of time to work with this current collection, then let's take a breather and come back stronger than ever after a little break! NIGHT, Riku

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