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Article: News of September 2022

Syyskuun 2022 kuulumiset

News of September 2022

In September, RIVA's team spent time planning the new one and preparing for the season. In September, a lot happened in the world, but not in a very positive way.

The model is wearing a RIVA Clothing Muisto black and white striped shirt

September is often busy for clothing industry operators. The upcoming Christmas season will take your attention, as will planning for the coming year. This year, our autumn novelties arrive in October-November, so there was still plenty of time in September to prepare for the future and take care of everyday tasks. However, things happen in the world and it also affected us. The energy crisis escalated in September, when the weather got colder and people naturally started thinking about the coming winter. I have to say that sometimes I had to take a breather myself and think about what would really follow from this.


Even though the world is still at war, the energy crisis is brewing and the stock markets are at a standstill, we are going to keep our heads up. One thing we value at RIVA is positivity and a sense of purpose. Sometimes there are more difficult times, but then you have to focus on the positive and what is good. <3

Black and white striped shirt and flowers


At the beginning of October, autumn novelties start arriving. This year, we saved many nature-themed collections for the rest of the year, because we often get the most inquiries about them during Christmas. So we are looking forward to these joyful nature prints! Autumn release schedules are not yet locked in, but we can already give estimates. In the middle of October, the off-white "LINNUT" college products, as well as the completely new "METSÄ" pattern, will arrive in the online store. Both are by Vera Korpilaakso.

Right at the beginning of November, we get plenty of monochrome classics: new colors for sweatpants & sweatshirts, three autumn t-shirt shades and a new caramel brown shade for striped shirts. At the end of November, nature patterns start to appear. For the rest of the year, there will be an additional batch of "FISH" on a black background, "FOXES" & dark "BIRDS", as well as a new, requested by our customers, "HURCHES" pattern! All these are also patterns designed by Vera Korpilaakso.

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