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Article: Moods of the winter collection

Moods of the winter collection

Huhhuh, what a feeling! The winter collection was published a good week ago. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief, because yesterday the rest of the orders that came in last week were delivered to Posti. As many of our social followers may have noticed, we were once again very positively surprised by the reception of the new collection! It was thought that this time we would be equipped for a very possibly large number of orders, but again the work surprised you. :--D Especially the popularity of the Seppo and Peura shirts completely surprised us! The online store's warehouse is screaming its emptiness, but don't worry, those two prints will be added in two weeks - we had time to make a small Additional Batch just before Christmas. We will inform you more about it when the dates are confirmed! One of the reasons behind the great popularity is certainly our decision to continue the charity theme. In this post, we thought we'd open it up a bit for you, why we ended up asking Hope Ry, which supports needy families and children, as our next target. Thus, during Christmas, we saw this as a very important topic. Well, especially during Christmas, the importance of family and loved ones is highlighted. In our case, the children have already flown from the nest some time ago, but at Christmas everything returns to where it started. Somehow, when I gather at home (read: my childhood home) with my family during the Christmas holidays, I, especially myself, have a really safe and relaxed feeling. On the eve itself, the traditions include decorating the Christmas tree and visiting the graves, as well as a Christmas sauna, after which there is a good meal. During the Christmas holidays, otherwise, we talk until late at night, use the dog outside with a group, drink mulled wine, maybe make a veggie ham out of tofu together and watch docs together on Netflix - these things I miss especially from the Christmas holidays. For many families, this scenario is not possible. Although love is more important than money, even with that money you can get a lot of important things. For example, you can sink a pretty good amount of money into Christmas food, not to mention gifts, Christmas decorations or Christmas chocolates. Although money doesn't really bring happiness, it does bring security to life. For both of us, family and loved ones are everything, so we decided to ask Hope's team if it would suit them if we made a collection from which part of the proceeds would be directed to them. The reception was really nice, so we were put to work. Apparently, the item has also touched others, as hundreds of packages of the collection have already been sent all over Finland. <3 It's cool to see how good things can be achieved with small actions. In the meantime, it seems appropriate to thank you, our customer, if you have already ordered from us this Christmas! At the end of this, we want to tell you and remind you about a few important things related to the winter collection. With all orders, a note is sent, which tells you what good things happen when you buy a shirt from our winter collection. You can slip this label into the gift package, so the recipient will also be informed of all the good things this shirt has accomplished. Christmas gift shopping also has an extended exchange and return period until 7.1! So you can buy a shirt as a gift without worry, even if the size is a little doubtful. In addition to our online store, the products of the winter collection can be found in the KURE store in Oulu and in the Ekoteko pop-up in Jyväskylä on the 3rd floor of the Forum. And all our new shirts also have a new magee neck print, that's a pretty big deal for us and a step forward. We have received really nice feedback on that too! :) But the feelings regarding the winter collection are really high and on top of that December started TODAY!! We're already getting into the Christmas mood here, the tree is already decorated and Christmas carols are fresh. Don't forget to enjoy the Christmas season and remember all your loved ones. It's important to remember them every day, but especially around Christmas, pay attention to it. If you don't see your loved ones every day, a simple phone call can save the day. Remember to tell people how much you care about them and how important they are to you. Have a wonderful Christmas. <3 I said, The RIVA team, Eeva, Riku and Sepi.

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