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Article: Spreading the good news of dancing and the most doupe dance videos in Finland!

Spreading the good news of dancing and the most doupe dance videos in Finland!

Good evening, And welcome to get to know our next top guys! Today we will tell you about the dance group from Järvenpää, with whom we started cooperation last spring. They contacted us shortly before the release of the spring collection, and we immediately realized that we would surely find common ground with these people. Self-fulfillment and spreading good vibes are among the most important values ​​of both of us. Without further ado, let's get into the voice of the founder of the dance group, Tuan Doan! Briefly introduce yourself and your group: Tuan Doan, 25-year-old founder of BeatDrops, I study business administration at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. BeatDrops is a five-person performing street dance group from Järvenpää. In addition to the dancers, the group also includes a cameraman and a manager. BeatDrops was founded in January 2016, but the group members have many years of dance experience. Group members train together 3-4 times a week. They spend a lot of time together, and a strong bond has formed between the members of the group. The group's style is modern New School street dance, which is directly influenced by the United States. New School is currently on the surface, especially among young people. BeatDrops members have expertise in many different street dance genres. Techniques include well-honed choreography, vaults and acrobatics. BeatDrops wants to spread love to everyone through dance and music. BeatDrops wants to encourage young people to move by creating a positive, inspiring and entertaining dance experience. [caption id="attachment_3266" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Copyright: Jesse Rantanen[/caption] How did/did you end up doing dance? Some of the group's enthusiasm started through movies, e.g. Step Up and some were forced to dance. What are the goals in the future? The goal is to work on the finest dance videos in Finland and spread the happy message of dance. The goal for the near future is to tour Finland's festivals with a big artist next year. How much time does your hobby take? 3-4 times we train together and develop ourselves independently. Nowadays, we have a lot of our own responsibilities, so we can't exercise in the same way as before, like every day for a minimum of 3 hours. What's the hardest part about it? The most difficult thing is not Dancing, but all the things that happen around it, social media, collaborations, filming, copyrights and schedules. The most difficult thing in dancing is to start choreographing. You have to listen to the song at least 100 times and freestyle and try what kind of moves are suitable for it. After this, it's really easy when you just get a couple of beats developed. What's the best part about it? The feeling of success. When you practice a certain movement for a week and then one day you succeed, it's a great feeling. The mood after filming when you get to see a piece that has been planned for a month or more. Performance is the best. You get to release and realize your ideas and it's great to make people happy and amazed. If you had to tell a friend why you should choose RIVA, then why RIVA? RIVA is a stylish Finnish brand that combines Finnishness with simple patterns and at the same time brings street spirit. This is a good combination for us because we dance street dance and we want to bring ourselves out as Finns and we generally dance to songs in Finnish. What is important to us is ecology, and if we have to choose sides, we are on the side of ecology! A few quick ones: What toppings for pizza? It's easy. AURA CHEESE, SALAMI AND MOST IMPORTANTLY BBQ SAUCE. If you could choose any superpower, which one would you choose? Money is not a superpower, immortality is. I still want to live in the time when we fly UFO cars, teleport and can visit Mars. Which clothing items/accessories are found the most in the wardrobe? Boots. I have about 10 pairs of shoes. A secret vice? Yesterday I ate a bag of cheese crackers and 500 g of loose candies. It didn't feel bad at first. Tell a joke. XD What did the priest say when consecrating two Saimaa deer? Do not forsake one another.
Here are the links to BeatDrops' Social channels: Big thanks to Tuan and Beatdrops!

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