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Article: Do a color analysis - you will find the best matching colors

Nainen pitelee käsissä auringonkukkakimppua.

Do a color analysis - you will find the best matching colors


Find out with the help of seasonal thinking whether the colors of spring, summer, autumn or winter suit you best!

With the help of color analysis, the aim is to find out which seasonal tone worlds make someone glow and bring out the natural features in the most beautiful way. We put together a light guide that will help you get to know the fascinating world of color analysis and do a color analysis for yourself right away!

Many people have familiar and safe black and white in their wardrobes, but have you ever wondered which colors would suit you best? Seasonal thinking is based on the idea that certain colors shine in nature in different seasons, which is why they look harmonious together.

Colors are not always simple, because even your favorite color may have a cold and warm alternative. One of these options makes your eyes sparkle and your face glow, while the other shade doesn't feel quite like you. Color analysis can be one way to find out which colors are made for you!

The girl lies and smiles among the flowers


You can try color analysis yourself at home! All you need is a mirror, natural light and a makeup-free face. At first, the aim is to find out the undertone of the skin, which can be either cool, warm or neutral. You can find out the undertone of your own skin by trying silver and gold jewelry or clothes.
If golden tones make your skin glow, you probably have a warm undertone. If, on the other hand, silver tones make your skin sparkle, your undertone is probably cool. If both silver and gold suit you equally well, your skin tone is probably neutral. Another way to find out the undertone of the skin is to look at the veins visible on the wrist. If your veins look greenish, you probably have a warm undertone. If, on the other hand, the veins look bluish, you probably have a cool undertone.
If, based on the analysis, you are inclined to have a cool undertone , then your seasons are either winter or summer . If, on the other hand, you feel that your undertone is warm , then your seasons are either spring or autumn .
Next, you can choose two pieces of clothing from your wardrobe, one of which is dark and strong in tone, while the other is light and soft. Alternate placing these two different shades under your chin and see which one makes your face glow. When you know your own undertone and the depth of the tone world that matches it, you can look at the time of year that suits them and the color palette that stems from it.


Color analysis winter color palette

Cool undertone + strong and dark tones = winter Cool tones such as cold blue, silver and white are emphasized in the winter color palette. These shades can be combined with soft shades of gray, which bring out the calmness and purity characteristic of winter. In addition, the winter color palette has contrast, which can be seen, for example, in shades of dark blue and purple.


Color analysis summer color palette

Cool undertone + light and soft tones = summer Cool, bright and soft tones are emphasized in the summer color palette. The shades could be compared to a flower meadow or a lake landscape. In addition to pastel shades, soft shades of green, blue and brown appear in the summer color palette.


Color analysis autumn color palette

Warm base tone + strong and dark tones = autumn The autumn color palette is like nature's own art painting. The autumn color palette is full of warm and earthy tones, such as orange, brick red and earthy green. Distressed shades are suitable for autumn, and the autumn color palette also includes kerosene.


Color analysis spring color palette

Warm base tone + light and soft tones = spring The spring color palette emphasizes powdery, fresh and light tones, such as light yellow, soft pink and fresh coral. These shades reflect the first rays of light of spring and the awakening nature.


Color analysis can be a good tool to find out which colors suit you best. It can be used to encourage you to try a new color in clothing, hair color or make-up. With it, you can start building a wardrobe of your choice or it can help you avoid shopping at the mall.

Although color analysis offers an approach to finding your own colors, it is important to remember that it does not represent the ultimate truth. Our own preferences may differ from the results of the color analysis, and that's okay! On the contrary - each of us glows in a special way when we are dressed in exactly the colors we like. <3

If you don't feel like you fit right into any of these four color palettes, don't worry - there may be a good reason for that. Today, there are even 12 seasons in color analysis!

Color analysis through 12

The 12 season color analysis makes the color analysis even more accurate and detailed. If you want to get a comprehensive and detailed color analysis, we recommend getting to know local operators and clothing professionals. They have the know-how to look at your unique features and find the shades that highlight them best. We hope that you wear exactly the colors that you enjoy!

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