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Article: New office? New worker? New collaborations? New stores? New collection? NO WOW!

New office? New worker? New collaborations? New stores? New collection? NO WOW!


As the title says, there would be quite a lot of new things to come! There is so much interesting news coming up that let's get straight to the point without further ado!

New office?

As someone may have noticed on Facebook in the last few days, we are about to move to a new apartment, and at the same time our office is also moving. Until now, the company has practically been run in the living room of a small two-room apartment, in the kitchen, in the sausage shop and a little here and there where it fits. Our new apartment is a large triangle, one room of which is dedicated entirely to the company's operations. It now holds a couple of desks, a sewing machine, a computer, office furniture and, of course, the most important storage. The new address is Aatoksenkatu 6 a 1, so our pick-up point will now also move closer to the center of Jyväskylä. These arrangements will be told in more detail this week when the move takes place.

New worker?

Seppo came to work for us in the fall and now would be the time to get the next employee! However, Pakko must reveal that we are not talking about a full-time employee yet, but about an intern. We intend to apply for an intern for our company this spring. We got the idea while thinking about our own training and what would be useful and cool to do in training. During our own training in our own company, we got to do everything we wanted and see the operation of the entire company. We learned a lot during that time and now we want to offer this opportunity to others as well! There will be more information about this in the near future...

New collaborations?

We've already gathered some experience to cooperate with different companies, clubs and people. Now the purpose is to put a bigger gear in the eye and start doing different joint works in a serious way in larger quantities. We are starting a project related to our studies, the goal of which is to acquire new partners. Our goal is to find positive and good-spirited clubs, companies, people and everything where there is a good mood! If it occurs to you that you could do some kind of collaboration with me or my friend or my club or my group, please send me a message right away! There will be more information about this in the near future.

New stores?

Our products have been requested in a few different stores in different parts of Finland and now the situation seems that we have enough resources to answer this call. During the spring, you can probably find our products in places other than our own online store or pop-up store. So keep your eyes open, we will inform you about possible stores in more detail once they are confirmed.

New collection?

Spring is coming, and so is our new collection! New clothes and prints have already been planned and sketched, the overall picture is slowly starting to be completed. We can already promise that pretty damn cool stuff is coming again, even if we say so ourselves! ;) If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or via e-mail. Here's today's news, have a nice evening! Ps. Don't forget that today you still get 25% off the online store order with the code "muttomyying"! And there is still a contest going on for a couple of days on Instagram, where you can win our hoodie, beanie and gym bag!! I said, Riku & Eve

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