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Article: The newest RIVA member presents himself!

The newest RIVA member presents himself!

Fun! RIVA's new intern Anette is embroidering here. If I have to say something about myself, I'm 22 years old and originally from Tampere, the promised land of black sausage, wings and hockey players. I am currently studying business administration in my first year at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. At the beginning of the school, I thought that I would do the training in the third year, but then I saw that there was an open place for a trainee at RIVA and that's it.. That's when the plan fell apart. In addition to the fact that the job description sounded interesting, it was a fun idea to work for a small but growing company. Of course, working in a big company has its own advantages, but I would say that I have seen and learned more in a couple of weeks here than in a big Lafka for months making coffee. Like a hint of sharpening. My learning is guaranteed to the extent that I probably ask about things to the point of annoyance. How have you usually done this, why does it go like this, have you tried this and that. Eeva and Riku are approachable enough that you dare to ask as many questions as your soul can bear. Here you can quote Alexander Stubb, "sorry about that". But yes, Eeva and Riku vs. some distant boss in some distant office. It's completely different. It is a really important priority for me to do work that really interests me. Without interest, I have no motivation whatsoever, and when interested, I have a lot of potential. And hey, in how many giant companies can you get a stubborn Seppo-corgi who is gnawing away? Well, think about it.. Since Seppo is a devout fan of RIVA's frontman, I could tell the story of me and Sepi's first moments behind the scenes. I sat casually on the floor of Eeva and Riku's room with a glass of water in hand. Seppo came next to it and tried to drink from my glass. "Seppo.. You have your own cup, drink from it" and he grabs his water bowl to drink. But that's not all. Seppo comes back and uses terrible Force to stick his beak into the mug and starts to lick. I just wanted to warn you that when you support this company, you are also supporting a very cheeky corgi.. Beware. But to return to the topic (:D), it's good that through school you get some kind of theoretical basis, but those skills will improve a lot when you get to see and experience things in practice. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I've been involved in opening a pop-up, got a little familiar with Photoshop and building an online store, took care of the logistics of the online store, produced content for social media and already learned about branding and marketing. After all, marketing and branding is very much based on psychological tricks and it's cool to see what works and what doesn't. This week I have also done shifts here at the pop up. I've worked in clothing stores before, but it's a completely different feeling here to sell products whose curve and process have already improved a bit, seeing from the inside of the company! - Anette

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