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Article: The last ones are taken!

The last ones are taken!

Wow, that would be the place for the end straight! This practice (like everything else always) has gone by crazy fast. Let's just say there was no shortage of things to do this spring. It may be that as March goes by, I slightly underestimated the remaining amount of work from the school side when I took this training, but Riku and Eeva have been super flexible. Good luck! :D I can tell you that at the point when I took another couple of weeks of work on top of everything, I think I was pretty much done. But I survived. What do I have left from the practice? Well, first of all, a damn better understanding of entrepreneurship compared to before. Of course, there are entrepreneurs and companies everywhere, but let's erase that variable from here. In the fall, I'm heading to the top of the brand at Jamki, and yes, I've gotten some snacks from here for that, in terms of entrepreneurship anyway. I didn't think I would ever use the word 'snacks', but never say never. Before, it was used by the elderly when giving a speech at the graduation party or by teachers at the spring party. In my mind, 'lunch' can be equated with the word 'verb bath'. Food and bathing are nice things, but I've always hated them when it comes to talking about verbs and skills. I can't be the only one! Anette, would you return to that topic? Really.. The last bigger project I did for RIVA was the product descriptions of the summer collection. You would quickly think that the Photographer's job would be easy, but when there are three models, the clothes and accessories to be photographed are in Ikea sacks, and at the same time you have to style the outfits for someone's look and think about natural poses for the models so that the products can be seen enough... Let's just say you don't respect the photographers! :D So the crazy spring begins, having been patted and Siberia has taught. And a bit of Eeva and Rikuk on that side. So I didn't mean to compare them to Siberia. Anette just stop the talking. I'll squeeze one more project together and then I'll get to the summer pastures, that is, as a student, of course, summer studies. Have a wonderful summer and a little midsummer already to everyone in advance! <3 - Anette

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