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Article: One world improvement with oat milk, please

One world improvement with oat milk, please

Fun! This time Eeva is writing here behind the laptop screen. I had a similar feeling this morning, I would like to share something with you. Many have praised us for the fall collection and especially for its theme, charity. Now we have survived the worst of the work and we have time to breathe a little. It feels like a good moment to tell about how we ended up making a fall collection in this style. For the first time, the charity theme came to my mind a year ago. I designed a shirt with pink carnations because I was in love with that type of flower. At the same time, the annual breast cancer campaign was celebrated, when Pink ribbons appear on the corner of every cash register. In connection with the shopping trip, I thought that it would be great to do something good myself by combining business and the charity theme. However, the shirt was left as an idea, because it didn't really fit into any collection and producing a single shirt model doesn't make much sense from a business perspective. The idea was left to incubate, and due to consistency, it was not implemented in the winter or spring collections. Then, last summer, the idea came up again when planning the content of social media. Our intern Anette suggested that we could make charity-themed prints involving our Followers through a Facebook poll. First, we thought about a smaller collection before autumn, but in the end the idea was refined into the theme of the whole autumn.

"When we once have the opportunity to do something good, why leave it to a couple of shirts?"

About a year ago, we switched to ethically and ecologically produced shirts. Before working in the clothing industry, I didn't really pay attention to, for example, the country of manufacture or companies' responsibility reports, because hey, how many consumers pay attention to them? Then, in one of the courses, I came across a documentary about clothing production, True Cost, which can be found on Netflix. In my case, that opened my eyes and really changed my spending habits, and removed a couple of stores from my shopping list. Half a year had passed since watching that docker, when RIVA Clothing was founded. Of course, when moving into the field, many things went through my mind, from material selection to cost calculations. Little by little, an inner voice also raised its head, thinking about the ethics of the whole thing. The thing that made me think the most was who sews these clothes and at what salary. Do the seamstress's children have to collect bottles or maybe sell drugs? Does a seamstress stop working because the working conditions are not safe and, for example, if you are a prostitute, you get a better salary? Pretty harsh things, but commonplace in many poorer countries. A year ago in the fall, our sales volumes increased little by little, when the issue seemed to be more and more relevant. Through a couple of bends, we ended up renewing the path of the shirts for us.

"If we can choose a FairWear-certified importer, why *expletive* would we not do it?"

I feel that I am super lucky to be born in this country. We have really great opportunities to influence our own lives with our daily choices. To tell the truth, I have accidentally changed my behavior in a much greener direction within the last year. Dairy products are used quite rarely, nowadays there is always a jar of Oatly in the cupboard instead of low-fat milk. After one article and a few good blog posts, the cosmetic products also changed one by one to cruelty free brands. Dyeing my own root growth started to get boring, so a few weeks ago, while sitting in the hairdresser's bench, I asked to tint the hair as close as possible to the basal growth, so that the growing process would be a little easier. Meatless October already started in mid-September as a one-week experiment and will likely continue until the end of this month. You are probably wondering why this guy opens up about the use of milk on the company's blog. Well, the answer is precisely because you probably wouldn't have had to think about your own choices & life, if I hadn't had this channel to wake you up to it. Our vision is that we want to improve the world one step at a time and we want to stick to it. In my opinion, to be honest, it was quite hypocritical to make green choices in working life, but not care a little about them in everyday life. I still have a lot to improve, for example in terms of smart electricity consumption, reducing driving and recycling, but hey, I'm learning! And if I've been able to change some of the not-so-green choices into better ones, so can you if you want to. The purpose of this text is not to blame anyone, but simply to provoke thoughts. As I said, the undersigned doesn't live quite green either, even though there is a juicer in the kitchen these days. During this week, we are going to tell you more about our charity targets. Some of the texts will be more personal and some will focus on facts. Writing a couple of texts is already exciting in advance, but I think it's just a good sign. Good things are always exciting! The purpose of this text was to arouse some feelings about the world around us, and not about how we treat it. However, we are each just visiting here, just as the Earth has been floating in space for a soooo long time. I said, Eve

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