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Which colours suit you?

Löydä parhat sävyt vaatekaappiisi!

Here, you'll find a versatile range of fantastic shades for your wardrobe! Our collection is sorted into cool, warm, and neutral tones to help you dress according to your color palette. Dressing according to your color analysis is a great way to develop your style and find colors that suit you.

Värianalyysin mukainen väripaletti syksy ja kevät ihmisille.

Warm tones

Do you love dressing in warm tones? According to color analysis, warm color families include spring and autumn. Warm tones often suit people with a warm undertone to their skin.

Autumn and spring differ in contrast – autumn shades are more muted, whereas spring shades are pastel, bright, and fresh.

Warm tones often include hints of orange, coral, or yellow, and they often beautifully complement the natural undertone of the skin. Below are some products curated with warm undertones.

Värianalyysin mukainen väripaletti talvi ja kesä ihmisille.

Cool tones

Do you gravitate towards cool tones? According to color analysis, cool color families include winter and summer. These shades often complement individuals with cooler undertones in their skin.

Winter and summer are distinguished by their contrast - winter shades tend to be vivid, while summer shades are subtly muted.

Cool tones often incorporate hints of violet, blue, or gray, enhancing the skin's clarity. Below, we've listed some of our products tailored to cool undertones.

Toive t-paita.

Not your cup of tea when it comes to colors?

Color analysis is just one way to find the right hues for you. Ultimately, it's all about wearing clothes that make you feel good and confident!

For example, while black may be traditionally associated with the winter color palette, it's actually a versatile shade that can anchor your wardrobe year-round. That's why we've gathered some neutral colors below to help you build your wardrobe essentials.

And if you're unsure about which shades suit you best, you can always delve into the world of color analysis