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Riva Clothing

Price structure

Responsible fashion belongs to everyone

Our goal is for everyone to have the opportunity to choose a responsible option. That's why we've taken steps to be able to offer you more affordable prices than many other brands.

About 90% of our products are sold directly from our own online store, without big discounts. If our products were sold mainly from retailers and there were frequent discount campaigns, we would have to price our products significantly higher.

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Product price factor

Our finished product costs the customer approximately 3.5 times the manufacturing price of the product. This factor in the clothing industry is often up to 5 .

Below you will find examples of a few of our product pricing and a comparison with general market pricing. The production price includes the production of the product (material, sewing, dyeing, finishing), freight and packaging materials.


What do brands use the remaining portion for?

Wages, pension payments, statutory and voluntary insurance

Premises rent, annual software licenses, company's own tools

Marketing, product development, customer surveys