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Riva Clothing

Responsibility and production


The production of the garment starts with the design, which we do in Jyväskylä. Our product criteria are:

  • responsible production
  • environmentally friendly materials
  • a quality designed product that will withstand use.

As raw materials, materials in line with sustainable development are chosen. The material must also be easy to wash and wear-resistant - that's why there are no delicate or difficult-to-clean materials in our selection. Separate care instructions are also available on our website.

Puuvilla kasvi.

From fiber to knitting, from knitting to clothing

Our main raw material is organic cotton. Currently, most of our products are manufactured in Portugal, with our partner Black Moda.

The raw material is bought from a Turkish organic cotton wholesaler and brought to Portugal for further processing. The yarn is woven into a raw knit, which is dyed/printed in Portugal.

The clothes are sewn at the Finnish-owned and managed Black Moda Portugal factory, in the village of Ponte de Lima. You can find Black Moda Portugal's sustainability report here. RIVA's own responsibility report is currently being worked on.

Production responsibility report 2022

What does organic cotton mean in practice?

The most important cornerstone of organic cotton cultivation is organic production, the goal of which is to take care of soil fertility and biodiversity, and to promote the well-being of people and the environment.

No artificial pesticides or fertilizers

Cultivation utilizes as much rainwater as possible

Organic farming binds more carbon dioxide to the soil than normal

We do not accept cotton produced by forced labor

We do not use cotton from unclear conditions in our products, such as cotton produced by forced labor by the Uighurs in China's Xinjiang. We buy our raw materials from a Turkish organic cotton wholesaler. Most of the wholesale cotton's origin is in Turkey, but some comes from India, Uganda and Tanzania.

GOTS-certified organic cotton comes from areas that operate according to the minimum labor requirements defined by the International Labor Organization ( ILO ). The Uighur region does not belong here.

"ILVES" housut.

Certified organic cotton

GOTS -certified organic cotton: The GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textile Standards) covers the organic cotton yarn we use, its collection and production. The cotton is also BCI certified.

No poisons or chemicals

Öko Tex 100 certificate: Öko Tex means that at no stage of production are chemicals harmful to health used, i.e. workers are not exposed to toxic and dangerous chemicals.


Villasta langaksi, langasta neuleeksi

Neuleissamme käytetty 100% merinovilla on mulseing-vapaata. Tällä hetkellä neuleemme valmistetaan Liettuassa, yhteistyökumppanillamme Garlitalla. 

Neuleissamme käytetty villa on peräisin italialaiselta tuottajalta, chileläisistä lampaista. Villa kehrätään langaksi Liettuassa Garlitan tehtaalla. Kaikki käyttämämme langat ovat korkealaatuisia ja vastuullisesti tuotettuja.

Yrittäjät Riku ja Eeva.

Oletko suomalainen valmistaja?

Kotimainen tuotanto

Teemme mielellämme yhteistyötä suomalaisten yritysten ja tuottajien kanssa.

Oletko suomalainen valmistaja? Jos sinua kiinnostaa yhteistyö, laita viestiä eeva(a) Kuulemme sinusta mielellämme!

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