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Check out our measuring instructions.

Product dimensions: compare the dimensions with your own clothes

For each product, you will find a product-specific measurement table , where you can compare your measurements with the products you already own.

Please note that product-specific dimensions vary from product to product. The material also affects the fit: if the product is knitted, it will stretch somewhat. On the other hand, if the product is fabric, it doesn't stretch much.


Body measurements: how do I measure?

We currently have two product groups: unisex products and women's products. Both product groups have their own measurement tables, which differ slightly in circumference measurements and more clearly in length measurements.

You can find the body measurement table belonging to the product in the "Size & Material" tab of the product.

A- Chest circumference, measure the circumference from the widest part of your chest

B- Waist circumference, measure around the navel or the narrowest part of your waist

C- Hip circumference, measure from the widest part of your hips, this can vary above or below the crotch

The measurements shown in the measurement table are the circumference of the body in centimeters. The measurements are taken from the top of the underwear so that the measuring tape stays straight in the front and back, a mirror is a good help here. Measure can be snappy. Compare your measurements with the size chart and choose the most suitable size.

Rarely do the measurements all match one size, in which case we suggest thinking about whether you are buying a top or a bottom and choose the size according to these characteristic measurements. If your measurements fall between sizes, you can choose whether you like a tighter or more relaxed fit.

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