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Riva Clothing

About us

"We do our best to make your wardrobes as durable and high-quality as possible."

Behind the bar

RIVA = Riku and Eve. RIVA was founded in 2016 by two entrepreneurs. At that time, our biggest dream was to work in the field we love. We want to give people a better option instead of fast fashion. Our products will always be as reasonably priced as possible and they will be manufactured responsibly and transparently.

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Our vision

The idea for creating wardrobe cornerstones arose out of my own need. The wardrobe was full of clothes, but still there was nothing to wear. A large amount of clothes did not solve the problem, but created more of them.

Cornerstones of the wardrobe

When we renewed our company in 2019, we did a lot of customer research. We investigate which are the most important and most used clothes. As the first product, we designed a t-shirt, because it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in the wardrobe. Our goal is to constantly develop new products and expand the selection. We want our customers to be able to build a functional wardrobe with our clothes in the future. A wardrobe that solves problems, not creates them.

Buy less and spend more

It is quite risky for a company to tell people to buy less and spend more. We encourage our customers to consider their purchases and only buy things that will actually be used.

High quality of products

When you buy quality and long-lasting clothes, you will probably wear them more and therefore have to buy less new ones. Invest in your own favorites and take care of them with love. You are doing your wallet and the planet a favor. <3

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